Bloom Bright

Bloom Bright: Great ideas for learning at home. Sent right to your phone.

Presented by PNC Bank Grow Up Great, Bloom Bright sends you tips by text — to make the most of family time. With free tips sent straight to your phone, you’ll activate your child’s learning — and make family time fun. It’s incredibly easy to sign up for this free service!

We believe in your power to spark learning. So, Bloom Bright highlights the many easy ways that moms, dads and other adults can help children learn and grow every day.

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Parents can text "BLOOM" to 8332007082 or use our online form to sign up. Programs can also sign up to be a partner organization.

Bloom Bright shares simple ideas that spark learning and growth during family time. We are proud to serve families of young learners across Indiana.

Our family-focused texts offer encouraging, research-backed information to parents of young children. Bloom Bright ideas help you activate early learning at home. And maybe most importantly, they share ideas to build positive relationships — with your child and your provider.


Families can combine fun and learning every single day. With that in mind, Bloom Bright text messages share ways that moms, dads and other adults can help little brains grow.

Our texts include family-time tips like:

  • Ideas for managing emotions and challenging behaviors
  • Ways to build early math skills, from talking about food shapes to exploring patterns in clothes
  • Tips for finding books to help your child get excited about reading and build their word skills
  • Practices that build healthy habits from washing hands to eating yummy, nutritious food
  • Plans for getting outside and making nature an exciting science lab
  • Approaches for working hand-in-hand with your child’s teachers and caregivers

Bloom Bright is presented by PNC Bank Grow Up Great.

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