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Recognized Quality
Paths to QUALITY™

With so many different options for your child, how do you find the best fit for you? Start with Paths to QUALITY™, Indiana’s quality rating and  improvement system for child care. It is a free resource that helps families make informed decisions — and helps early education providers improve program quality.

Participation in the program is voluntary, but all Paths to QUALITY programs meet basic health and safety standards. When programs do more to support learning, use a planned curriculum or reach national accreditation, they achieve a higher level rating.


Paths to QUALITY is a voluntary system.
At each level, programs demonstrate greater quality.
Read below to discover what Paths to QUALITY levels mean for your child and family.

Paths to QUALITY™ is Indiana’s statewide quality rating and improvement system for early care and education. It consists of four levels and each level builds on the foundation of the previous one. Providers start at Level 1 and work their way towards national accreditation at the highest level, Level 4. These advancements result in significant quality improvements at every level.

Level 4 Programs have achieved the highest rating on Paths to QUALITY. They demonstrate a commitment to professionalism in quality early care and education by achieving a nationally recognized accreditation.

Level 3 Programs use a curriculum that supports children’s learning and school readiness. Level 3 programs focus on the professional development of their staff. Additionally, they incorporate family and staff input into their program.

Level 2 Programs demonstrate a commitment to improving the program quality. They offer environments that support children’s growth, development and learning. Level 2 programs have evidence of a consistent daily schedule, planned activities for children and sharing program information with families.

Level 1 Programs have voluntarily chosen to be a part of Paths to QUALITY. This means they care about providing quality early care and education. These programs meet all basic health and safety standards.

Look for Paths to QUALITY in Your Search!

Finding quality care is as easy as using Indiana’s online Child Care Finder search tool, calling Brighter Futures Indiana 1-800-299-1627, and looking for Paths to QUALITY in your community. Look for one of the following at your program:

Level Banner

Level Decal

Level Sign

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