Your 2-year-old

No two kids are alike. Anyone who’s known a child well knows this. Each two-year-old grows by leaps and bounds every day. That growth takes a different shape for each child. Sometimes, their newest skills develop all in their heads. Other times, their leaps are just that — big body skills that help them get around.

At two, many children are making mental maps of their favorite places. So, they know where to look for, say, the bird’s nest they saw last week at the playground. Your child may be role-playing different jobs to amuse himself. He's discovering how he relates to the world around him. And that means he's also finding his special place.

Your child's ability to work his body and to work with friends is expanding too. He might be making kid art with crayons, chalk or mud. Or he might use all three and then some. Your little one used to just play next to other children. At two, he begins to play with friends. More complex physical movements develop. That means he's likely jumping, sliding and climbing more confidently.

When they play side-by-side, it can be easy to compare where our child is with others. With a lot to learn, each child's path is unique. Rest assured that your child’s abilities as a learner, just like yours as a parent, are always in there. And you're both growing all the time.

“You can’t compare an apple to an orange. It will cause a lot of self-esteem issues.”
–Craig Sheffer

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