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The Brighter Futures Indiana Data Center offers data related to population, economy, supply and demand.

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August 24, 2018

7 Fun Bright Ideas – (and more!)

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Although Brighter Futures Indiana is committed to year-long family fun, August is the official #FamilyFunMonth. To wind down from a month of fun, we gathered some of our favorite activity ideas from our website. The month is almost over, but the fun doesn’t have to end!

1. Mud Kitchens

This great idea came to us via Manager of Family Supports and Engagement Services Lenore Friedly. Building a mud kitchen with your little one will shine fun on wet and gloomy days year-round.

The Magic of Mud

2. Play & Learning Ideas

Have you checked out the Brighter Futures Indiana Play & Learning feature? Each age button has information on important milestones your child is reaching. But the fun part of the Play & Learning feature is that you can click on Play & Learning ideas and see activities you and your little learner can do together — all while learning new things!

Chef, Pilot or Lion Tamer - you choose
Whats Next
Plan to Play
Were Movin and Groovin
4. Oh the Places You’ll Go!

Looking for fun places to visit with your family? We recently started a Pinterest Board with all of your favorite places in the state of Indiana. Want to share more ideas with us? Hope on to this Facebook post and tell us where your family likes to go for family fun!

5. Bloom Bright Fun Tips

Did you know you can get simple, fun and engaging ideas forlearning when you’re with your child, right to your phone? And it’s incredibly easy to sign up for this free service! Once you sign up, you’ll start to receive ideas tailored to your child, from birth to pre-k, that help you build their skills — and hale lots of fun together!

Sign up for Bloom Bright!

6. Go Noodle

Brighter Futures Indiana mama Kirsten Eamon Shine, loves this app for getting little learners active. Go Noodle’s wide range of videos make movement fun. One video may just be goofy with a great beat – perfect for a quick dance session. Another may teach a specific dance combination – great for building coordination!

7. Outdoor Ideas for Hoosier Kids

Indiana is full of natural beauty! Check out these ideas for fun adventures in Indiana’s great outdoors. From a sensory hunt to water safety, your family will have fun in the sun (or rain)!

Six Fun Outdoor Ideas For Hoosier Children

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