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Caring Connections and Building Blocks Referral

Zainab's Story

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Did you know Child Care Resource and Referral agencies can help with so much more than child care? Our Family Resource Navigator can connect you to transportation, health care, housing, career training services and other opportunities to meet your family’s needs. Hear Zainab’s story:

Zainab N. found herself in a tough situation when she moved from out-of-state to Jeffersonville, Indiana. Her usual routine of spending summers in Indiana with her children took an unexpected turn when her mother fell ill, compelling Zainab to stay longer than planned. With four kids in tow, Zainab faced the daunting task of settling her children into school while also finding housing and work.

Zainab reached out to Building Blocks, a Child Care Resource and Referral agency, for assistance in enrolling her youngest child in child care. She talked with Chris Abbot, a Building Blocks family engagement specialist, who was able to place her daughter in a local preschool that met her needs.

But the challenges didn't end there. Zainab, living in a two-bedroom apartment with her mother, also needed stable housing for her family. Not knowing where to turn, she reached back out to Chris.

“I’m glad I reached back out to Chris. I’m glad he offered to help because I didn’t know they helped with community resources."

-Zainab N.

Family Resource Navigator is a service provided by Indiana’s CCRR agencies to help connect families to resources they need, whether those be related to child care, health services, jobs or housing.

We really want our families to know they are cared for,” Abbott said. “Whatever we can do to help them, we will try.” Chris provided Zainab with a list of housing options as well as connections to open jobs in the community. Since Zainab wasn’t technically homeless and needing emergency housing, she is now on several waitlists for housing.

Zainab is grateful for the help she received, and her youngest daughter is thriving at her new preschool.

“She loves it. It’s the perfect number of kids in her class, and the director is awesome. The director is also a mother of four and older than I am, so she gives me a lot of advice and I’m blessed for that.”

-Zainab N.

Zainab chose to return to school to advance her healthcare credentials and will soon graduate with her bachelor’s degree in healthcare management.

Zainab's story is a testament to the power of community resources like the Family Resource Navigator and the dedicated individuals with Indiana’s Child Care Resource and Referral Network who go above and beyond to make a positive impact on the lives of families in need.

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Zainab's family is a great example of the importance of caring connections.

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