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Five Self-Care Activities for Parents

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Parents have many responsibilities. The role of parents includes taking care of children and family, maintaining the home and sometimes working additional jobs. One essential duty that parents often (selflessly) overlook is themselves.

It's easy to confuse parents with superheroes, but they are human. Everyone gets overwhelmed sometimes, especially when there is not enough time to recharge. As special as parents are, they deserve to dedicate energy to themselves.

Here are five self-care activities that will help reduce stress and create healthy habits for parents!

Move Your Body

The mind and body are more connected than we may think. Sometimes the best medicine for stress and anxiety is exercise. Body movement helps release excess energy. Additionally, due to the endorphins released during exercise, people instantly feel happier after physical activity.

To participate in this activity, you do not need to be a professional athlete. The goal is to allow your body to move in whatever way feels best. Try going on a walk or jog outside, playing your favorite sport or doing some simple yoga stretches.

Journal Your Gratitude

A simple (and free) way to destress is to write about things you are grateful for in your life. Research has shown that journaling to show gratitude can improve many areas of one’s life, such as relationships, sleep and stress levels.

There are some apps and journals that guide people through specific writing prompts. Or, just put aside five minutes every morning to jot down what you are feeling particularly grateful for. Regardless of what is happening in your life, focusing on the positive can put you on the right track for the day!

Get Outside

Being cooped up in the house or the office can slowly start to take a toll on one’s mental health. Perhaps what you need is a classic dose of Vitamin D! Going outside for any amount of time can feel refreshing and uplifting.

Maybe you would enjoy visiting local scenery, such as a lake or a garden. You also can always incorporate the outdoors into your daily routines, such as having a meal outside or doing a kid-friendly outdoor activity with your child!

Read a Book

In modern-day routines, there are plenty of screens. We are constantly surrounded by technology, content and notifications. Therefore, it is important to be intentional about activities that do not involve screens, like reading!

Books can be comforting not only because they avoid screen-time, but also because they can contain content to help create and maintain a healthy mindset. There are plenty of self-help books written specifically for parents which can be comforting and eye-opening. Try one of these books depending on your interests.

Focus on You

Do you thrive on alone time? Take yourself on a solo date for a coffee, a movie or a massage. Perhaps you would rather catch up on your favorite TV show on the couch with a bowl of popcorn. Regardless of what you prefer, never feel guilty about treating yourself! Stress management can look like taking time to spoil yourself.

Happy National Parents’ Day to all of the Hoosier parents who are raising little learners! You are all doing a great job with everything you juggle each and every day. Please remember to take a moment today (and every day) for some self care, even if it is only for a few minutes!

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