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How To Use Local SEO to

Get Your Child Care Program Noticed

SEO Childcare Blog

Do you want to get your child care program noticed in your community and attract more nearby families? The secret could lie in Local SEO.

Building a Local SEO strategy helps your business appear in more local searches on Google, which is important as 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information.

In this blog, we’ll explain how to strengthen your Local SEO so you can boost your program’s visibility and increase enrollment.

1) Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Google Business is your best friend when it comes to Local SEO. Your Google Business profile is typically the first thing people see when they search for your business. Think of it as your online business card — or essentially, the first introduction parents have to your program.

This means parents are getting to know your child care program from your Google Business profile before they even click on your website. You want to make sure the information is filled out completely and stays up to date.

Your Google Business profile should have:

  • Your business name

  • A local phone number

  • Up-to-date hours of operation

  • A compelling description that sets your child care program apart

  • High-quality photos and videos that show off your program

Your Google Business profile also has a question-and-answer section. You can upload your own commonly asked questions and answers here. Include questions that parents would most want to know about your program. With Google Business, they can get the answer right on the Google homepage.

2) Create Hyper-Local Content

When trying to build up your Local SEO, it’s important to create hyper-local content for your website. This includes writing blog posts that feature your city and neighborhood names whenever possible. It’s also helpful to include landmarks and terms that locals in your area use.

To successfully boost your Local SEO ranking, it’s important to write content that will resonate with your local audience. For example, families often look for local, cheap activities to do on the weekend. You could write a top 10 list of the best activities to do with kids in your area, or write a feature about your local children’s museum. If you showcase local businesses in your content, be sure to reach out to them and ask them to share your post.

The more local content you have, the more likely Google will be to show your website in local search results. Plus, offering quality content is a great way to build relationships with current and prospective families.

3) Localize Your Social Media Presence

Your social media accounts are another opportunity to boost your program’s presence in your local community.

When it comes to Facebook, be sure you have a business page dedicated to your program. Once you do, fill in the “About” section thoroughly with all of your company information and relevant local keywords. Be sure your Facebook page has the same tone as your Google Business page because brand consistency is key.

Take advantage of Facebook’s “Services” tab on your company page to explain what your business offers. Including services like “Indianapolis Child Care” will help Google understand what your business is and can increase your chances of being featured on the first page of results.

Another way to enhance your Facebook presence locally is to encourage current parents to leave reviews on your program page. Having plenty of reviews from local families will boost the trustworthiness of your program.

Instagram has plenty of features that can enhance your local presence, too. First, be sure to use the geotag feature when posting photos of your program. This will allow people to click your location and find out exactly where you are on the map.

Location-based hashtags on Instagram are another great way to show off where you’re located and the services you offer.

Across all social platforms, it’s important to consistently share the content you’re creating for your website.

Get More Marketing Tips

Looking for more ways to market your child care program? Check out our Marketing Best Practices Guide designed to help early child care providers develop their brand and improve their digital marketing.

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