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How to Define Your Child Care

Program’s Brand Voice

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Your brand voice is the personality behind your brand’s communication. Defining your brand voice can help you craft stronger, more consistent messaging that can help your child care program get noticed.

In this article, we’ll explain why defining your brand voice is important and give you some ideas on establishing the voice for your program.

Why is Brand Voice Important?

    1. It sets your child care program apart. Your child care program is unique, and your brand voice should be too. Establishing a brand voice that’s all your own will help you stand out from other providers. Even though the service you offer may be similar to other providers, your brand voice has the power to differentiate your program.
    2. It helps you build consistency. Without established brand voice guidelines, your marketing materials won’t have a consistent voice. Your Facebook posts may sound one way while your emails sound another. Establishing your brand voice helps your materials stay consistent and will help your audience start recognizing who you are.

    3. Connect with more families. When you align your brand voice with your target audience’s values you can build stronger connections with them. This can help establish loyalty and trust amongst your customers and cause them to return to your program and recommend it highly to others.

    How to Establish Brand Voice Guidelines

    It’s important to establish brand voice guidelines that can be referred to whenever you, or anyone else, write on behalf of your brand. Brand voice guidelines will serve as a reference for how your brand should sound across all your marketing materials and your website. Here are some tips for creating your program’s brand guidelines: 

    1. Define your target audience. Determining your target audience is important for crafting

      brand voice, as all of your messaging should be crafted with this audience in mind. Create personas that illustrate who your audience is, where they live, their demographics and what platforms they spend the most time on.

    2. Consider your mission. Your brand’s mission statement and values will play a pivotal role in developing a brand voice. You want your brand voice to echo and reinforce what your program believes in.

    3. Analyze your current content. Take a look at your current content, including blogs, emails and social media posts. Write down messaging points that you think do a great job explaining who your brand is. At the same time, keep track of messages you’ve created that don’t quite align with how you want your brand to sound.

    4. Use adjectives to describe your brand personality. To start establishing your brand’s voice, choose 3-4 main adjectives that you think describe your brand. For instance, is your brand supportive? How about caring? Is your brand humorous? Write down 3-4 adjectives and then give a brief description of each. Here are some of the top words used to describe brand voice. Choose a few from this list or come up with your own.

      1. Confident

      2. Humorous

      3. Conversational

      4. Academic

      5. Respectful

      6. Upbeat

      7. Trustworthy

      8. Polished

      9. Informative

      10. Motivational

      11. Cheerful

    5. Provide examples. It’s important in your guidelines to include examples of how your brand should and should NOT sound. Write some examples that you feel fully express how you want your program to sound. These examples should line up with the adjectives you chose. Your examples of how not to sound will prove equally important when crafting content.

          Get Even More Marketing Tips

          We hope this article serves as a springboard for considering and defining your child care program’s brand voice. Looking for more marketing advice? Check out our Marketing Best Practices Guide tailored for providers here.

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