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Five Engaging

Summer Learning Activities for Hoosier Preschoolers

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Summer is an exciting time for preschoolers. While having fun in the warmer weather, there are many opportunities to continue learning. Even outside of the classroom, Hoosier children can continue to grasp new information and remain curious.

In this article, we provide five learning activities Indiana preschoolers can take advantage of this summer.

1) Indianapolis Public Library Kids Summer Reading Program

The Indianapolis Public Library offers a Kids Summer Reading Program that encourages reading for children of all ages. This challenge takes place from June 6-July 30. Included in the program is a reading challenge in which kids can win prizes — ranging from a pencil to a free pass to a haunted house — based on the number of hours spent reading. There are also engaging in-person and virtual workshops to enhance summer reading.

2) Summer STEM Programs

Getting your preschoolers involved in science, technology, engineering and math education will give them the necessary tools to succeed in school and ultimately prepare them for a technology-centered future.

Get started in STEM with LilyPad Electronics. This sewable toolkit provides a tactile and creative introduction to electronics. For a more buildable option, construct anything from cars to costumes using cardboard kits. With the tools provided, children will be able to use their imagination to create anything they can think of.

The options for STEM projects don’t stop there. Early Learning Indiana’s partner, Project Lead The Way, has additional STEM activities Hoosier children can try out.

3) Learn About Water Safety

Have a splash this summer with WHALE Tales, a water safety activity bundle that provides children with videos and activity sheets to learn how to remain safe while enjoying the water. This content helps children and their families grasp various safety concepts in an engaging way. What better way to learn in the summer sun than playing safely by the pool?

4) The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Make a trip with your preschooler to the largest children’s museum in the world. Explore some of the many exhibits and events that the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis will offer this summer.

Want to hit it out of the park this summer? Your Hoosier children can participate in the Hammerin’ Hank Aaron Legendary Challenge to practice their baseball skills. Step up to the plate and enjoy this exciting event.

Examine dinosaur bones and create sculptures at the Create-A-Saurus: Discover, Imagine, and Sculpt Paleo Art event. This program simultaneously promotes creativity and curiosity among children. Register in advance to attend.

There are an abundance of other exhibits and events taking place this summer. Learn more on the museum’s calendar.

5) Process Art Activities

Introduce your crafty kids to process art! Familiarizing children with art helps them gain critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills.

Process art focuses on the techniques and experience of creating art, rather than what the final product looks like. This can include painting with popsicles or creating sculptures with miscellaneous material like ribbons and paper towel tubes. Using a prompt, this artistic process allows children to learn and enjoy the process of creation.

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