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The Brighter Futures Indiana Data Center offers data related to population, economy, supply and demand.

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Jody's Story

Family Resource Navigator supports family's preschool search

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“My husband and I are grandparents as well as foster parents to River. We wanted to make sure he was successful with starting his education and getting ready for Kindergarten. I reached out to my foster care advisor and she provided me the information needed to reach out to your team. Your team was very helpful in getting all the necessary documentation together and submitted timely to you. Every time I reached out to your team members, they were very responsive and very informative to provide me all the answers I needed. I was very impressed [with] the professionalism and attentiveness to detail for what my needs were and to meet those needs.”

-Jody K.

Jody Koontz of Lafayette, Indiana, sent this email of thanks to The Child Care Resource Network, one of Indiana’s five child care resource and referral agencies. As part of Indiana’s Family Resource Navigator, The Child Care Resource Network assists families by connecting them to resources they need, whether those be related to child care, health services, jobs or housing.

Jody and her husband became foster parents to their three young grandchildren two years ago. The oldest two were already in school, but Jody was seeking a preschool program for her 4-year-old grandson River, who was presently attending an in-home daycare. “My oldest daughter is a second grade teacher, so she keeps me updated on kindergarten requirements,” Jody explained. “We wanted that structure for River, a place he would be able to work with teachers and other kids on those skills.”

So in February 2024, Jody reached out to her foster care advisor through DCS to find out where to start. The advisor connected her with The Child Care Resource Network, where a family engagement specialist gave Jody all the information she needed for filling out the CCDF voucher paperwork and finding a program to accept the vouchers. When Jody’s first choice program didn’t have an opening for River until August, she called The Child Care Resource Network for additional referrals, and the second program she called had an opening just two weeks later. Jody says she received her CCDF vouchers quickly to make for a smooth process.

“They were so helpful and answered all my questions, They even answered things I didn’t ask! If I emailed them, I would get a response within a matter of hours. I didn't have to wait 3-4; They answered my calls, they returned my calls the same day. I had nothing but a good experience getting Rivi enrolled and established in this preschool". 

-Jody K

Today, Jody says her grandson is thriving in his new preschool, excited to go to school and making friends. “We have a unique situation because our foster kids are also our grandchildren. In order to get the resources to help us raise them properly — financially, mentally, emotionally — we became their foster parents. It’s so helpful to have this resource (The Child Care Resource Network) to get all the things in place we needed,” she says.

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