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June 21, 2018

There’s an App for That!

Three Great Tools to Help You Thrive as a Parent

For parents, today’s tech-focused world can offer both challenges and opportunities. Well, we have some good news – there is an app for that! Whether you want to track your child’s milestones, get ready for a new member of the family, look for help on making sure your infant’s sleeping area is safe, or discover a quick way to access local resources, experts have developed apps that can deliver useful information right to your smartphone!

Track Milestones at Your Fingertips

CDC Milestone Tracker, is a great tool that can help you in tracking the development of your children. This app can be used to track multiple children, gives you tips and suggests activities. It can even track and remind you about your child’s doctor appointments!

The CDC provides images of developmental milestones, including kicking a ball!

Families can do many things on the tracker, including:

  • Track a child’s milestones from two months to five years with CDC’s easy-to-use illustrated checklists.
  • Get tips from the CDC for encouraging a child’s development.
  • Find out what to do if you are ever concerned about how your child is developing.
  • Check out photos and videos that clarify what each milestone looks like.
Where to get it:
Getting Help for a Healthy Pregnancy

Liv: A Pregnancy App, has a lot of great supports for Indiana families. All of the resources and links can direct families to information or resources that are truly local. It can even be used to chat directly with experts! Liv promotes the health of Hoosier moms by:

  • Providing instant access to information and resources on reproductive health, pregnancy, infant health and parenting.
  • Sharing alerts and messages tailored for expectant parents.
  • Giving you access to more than 130 articles, quizzes, checklists and videos.
  • Offering a wealth of resources, including searchable Indiana resource locators, due date and baby weight calculators, journals and personal calendars.

Additionally, the “Ask Liv” feature lets you ask questions and get answers from the experts at the Maternal & Child Health-MOMS helpline with just one touch.

Where to get it:
Safe Sleep Support

Lastly, the SIDS Info app helps families keep their babies safe. This app provides you with information about safe sleep practices and environments.

What you can find on this app:

  • A visual tool to enhance discussions with your provider.
  • A sampler of safe sleep education materials via the SIDS Center of New Jersey website.
  • Links to important educational websites.
  • A Q&A providing more details on safe infant sleep.

The safe sleep guidelines are intended for infants from birth to twelve months of age and for both full-term and preterm infants.

Where to get it:

Want to share these apps with your provider? Click here for a provider perspective!

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