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February 22, 2019

The Week in Early Learning

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This week’s best reads about early learning from around the web – February 22, 2019 edition.

Did you know Will Smith is releasing a children’s book based on the 90s hit series The Fresh Prince? Or that arts education can make a child more compassionate? It’s hard to stay in the loop of what’s going on in the world of early childhood. But we’ve got you covered!

Each week we will comb through the web and find the most interesting early childhood reads.

Economists explain why kids who watched Sesame Street did better in school — via Quartz

Not very many television shows can claim that they have helped millions of children. But Sesame Street can. A study first written in 2015 but recently published in the American Economic Journal shows just how big a difference the show made, comparing the educational and professional achievements of children who had access to the show compared to those who didn’t. Sesame Street was designed to help preschool kids, especially children from low-income backgrounds, learn the skills they would need to keep up in school.

Extra arts education boosts students’ writing scores — and their compassion, big new study finds — via Chalkbeat

Schools in Missouri were encouraged to provide some exposure to theater, dance, music and visual arts. And that took the form of on-campus performances, field trips, artists in residence and other programs outside of school hours. When the researchers compared the two groups of schools, they looked at academics but also responses to surveys that asked students whether they agreed with statements like, “I want to help people who get treated badly,” “School work is interesting,” and “I plan to go to college.”

Refreshed prince: Will Smith launches Fresh Princess children’s books — via The Guardian

The Fresh Princess will be based on The Fresh Prince television series. It will tell the story of Destiny, a cool, energetic, and strong-willed young girl who approaches every day with her own signature style. Like Smith’s TV character, she moves to a neighborhood, where nothing looks quite the same as it did at her old house, but even with new challenges and new friends to make, Destiny always has a plan. Smith is also the author of Just the Two of Us, illustrated by Kadir Nelson, published in 2005.

The More the Merrier? Children with Multiple Siblings More Susceptible to Bullying — via SWHELPER

A child with more than one brother or sister is more likely to be the victim of sibling bullying than those with only one sibling, and firstborn children and older brothers tend to be the perpetrators, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.

“Sibling bullying is the most frequent form of family violence and it is often seen as a normal part of growing up by parents and health professionals, but there is increasing evidence that it can have long-term consequences, like increased loneliness, delinquency and mental health problems.” — Dieter Wolke, PhD, lead author of the study.

Parenthood contributes to gender imbalance in STEM employment, but it’s not just an issue for mother — ScienceDaily

Nearly half of new moms and a quarter of new dads leave their full-time STEM jobs after they have their first child, according to a new study. Researchers found that 43 percent of women and 23 percent of men leave their careers in science, technology, engineering and math within four to seven years of the birth or adoption of their first child.

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