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April 26, 2019

The Week in Early Learning


This week’s best reads about early learning and parenting from around the web — April 26, 2019 edition.

With so many news sources and new research, it’s hard to stay in the loop. But we’ve got you covered! Each week we will comb through the web and find the most interesting reads in the topics of parenthood and early childhood.

Yes, ball pits are just as filthy as you’d expect, study finds — via RTV6

Some things are not as fun as they seem! A study by the University of North Georgia found ball pits in physical therapy offices were crawling with microbes, including some pretty dangerous ones. Researchers identified a total of 31 bacterial species and one species of yeast, including the specific germs responsible for types of pink eye, urinary tract infections, bloodstream infections and even heart inflammation.

World Health Organization Issues First-Ever Screen Time Guidelines for Young Kids. Here’s What to Know — via TIME

Still negotiating screen time with your kids? There’s more information to consider. The World Health Organization has issued its first-ever guidance for how much screen time children under five should get: not very much, and none at all for those under one. The guidelines are somewhat similar to advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which we recently wrote about.

Read what research and what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend here.

Not ready to walk yet? Check out our guide to crawling.

Why Parents Panic Way Too Much Over Kids Who Learn to Walk Late — via Slate

There’s a reason why we say “baby steps” when we’re taking our time. Emily Oster, author of Cribsheet: A Data-Driven Guide to Better, More Relaxed Parenting, From Birth to Preschool, discusses the data behind hitting the important milestone of walking. If you are a parent looking for reassurance, data is always a good place to start!

Developmental Milestones, Screening & Services

From the first smile to the first somersault, families love to celebrate their little learners’ development. Every child — including yours — grows, learns and develops in a unique way.

Lego bricks for visually impaired, blind kids aim to make learning braille fun — via ABC News

Get ready for more little smiles around the world. Approximately 700,000 children and young adults in the United States have a vision disability. But as audio aids have become increasingly available, only about 8% of legally blind children are learning to read braille. The Lego Foundation’s project, Lego Braille Bricks, aims to create stackable blocks with braille dots. Win!

Kids Who Don’t Drink Water Consume More Sweetened Beverages — via

Don’t forget to fill up that sippy cup. A new study found that one in five children reported not drinking any water on a given day. However, they consumed almost twice as many calories, on average, than kids who did drink some water. Read the complete report and share your thoughts!

Did we miss anything? Share in the comments!

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