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Indiana Educator Job Board A Hiring Solution for Early Learning and Out-of-School Time Programs

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The Indiana Educator Job Board, a partnership of the Indiana Department of Education and FSSA’s Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning, provides a strengthened overall educator pool for children from birth to grade 12.

Learn More:

Watch the Informational Webinar Recording

OECOSL and INAEYC recently hosted a webinar to share about the benefits of using the Indiana Educator Job Board to market open roles and recruit new staff to your early learning or out-of-school time program. Watch the recording to learn more.

Password: MD&5wdEP

The Indiana Educator Job Board is an easy-to-use tool to help early learning and out-of-school time programs recruit and hire educators and staff to their organizations. Posting on the board ensures that your current job openings are seen by more job seekers, helping you fill roles quickly and with quality candidates. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for your free account through I-LEAD
  • Log into the job board and start posting your open roles
    • Save drafts of job listings and post them when you are ready, or
    • Archive job listings that have been filled, which can be re-published later if needed
  • Job seekers can search open positions on the board and apply for your job postings

Organizations will also have access to Nimble's applicant tracking system for free to support recruitment and hiring processes. This system automatically posts open positions to Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and other third-party job boards while keeping candidate information all in one place.

For a full listing of features and a system walkthrough, please reference the user guide (en español).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Indiana Educator Job Board?

    The Indiana Educator Job Board is designed to help education organizations tackle staffing challenges by marketing jobs to more candidates and automating the hiring process. It is a free and optional tool for school districts and regulated early learning providers and out-of-school-time programs in the state. Offered in partnership by the Indiana Department of Education and FSSA’s Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning, the job board offers support to recruit and hire professionals working with children from birth to grade 12. Programs may use the tool in several ways, including alongside an existing applicant tracking system or with the tool’s integrated applicant tracking system.

  • Why did Indiana create a shared job board for educators?

    The Early Learning Job Board is one part of the state’s broader efforts to address workforce priorities within the sector. Goals for the effort include creating a shared hub for providers to connect with individuals interested in working in schools and other critical learning settings, including early childhood and out-of-school time programs, and streamlining recruitment and hiring processes for providers through shared tools and templates.

  • Why is the job board being expanded to include ECE and OST providers?

    Through OECOSL and IDOE’s partnership with Nimble, the platform’s software operator, all regulated ECE and OST providers in Indiana are eligible to post jobs through the job board at no cost. The goal of this expansion is to deepen the talent pool from which providers can recruit, creating a shared applicant pool and connecting to K-12 education.

  • How does it work?

    Using your Nimble account, you will be able to quickly and easily post your open positions on the birth-grade 12 Indiana Educator Job Board, exposing your organization to thousands of potential candidates. To do so, log into your account using I-LEAD. Then, click "Create new job" and enter relevant information, such as title, description, salary, and how candidates should apply. Once done, click "post job." The position will appear on the statewide job board, and applicants will apply to your positions where they are currently hosted. Organizations interested in additional functionality may opt into Nimble's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for free.

  • What are the benefits for employers and job seekers in using the job board?

    By creating an account, providers can post all open jobs to the Indiana Educator Job Board which attracts thousands of candidates each month during peak hiring seasons. Providers may choose to take advantage of the applicant tracking system offered by Nimble at no cost. Job seekers can also take advantage of a mobile-friendly application process that shortens the time it takes them to apply.

  • What are the ways providers can use the job board?

    Organizations can share their open positions to the statewide Indiana Educator Job Board. Jobs can include any positions you are seeking to fill in your organization, including but not limited to teaching and classroom positions, food service/prep, operations, etc. For more details, please reference the Nimble user guide.

  • How do I sign up and participate in the job board?

    Interested ECE and OST providers regulated and operating in Indiana can apply for access to the job board through I-LEAD. Please reference the user guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of the sign-up process. To learn more about using the job board once your account is created, please reference this guide from Nimble.

  • What is an applicant tracking system (ATS)?

    An applicant tracking system is a web platform used to store applications and manage applicants throughout the hiring process. This type of platform keeps all applicant information in one place, is customizable, and helps you hire the best talent quickly and efficiently.

  • I don’t have an applicant tracking system. Can I use the Nimble platform to manage job applications and applicants through the hiring process?

    Organizations that opt in will automatically have access to the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) offered by Nimble, the platform’s software operator, at no cost. Nimble’s ATS allows organizations to share their jobs to the statewide Indiana Educator Job Board, as well as have their jobs posted automatically to other third-party job boards such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter. The ATS provides organizations with the use of a hiring portal and data dashboards to inform hiring decisions.

  • What are the benefits of using Nimble’s applicant tracking system?

    With Nimble’s applicant tracking system (ATS), all of a provider’s job postings on the Indiana Educator Job Board are automatically posted to Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and Google Jobs. The ATS also gives providers a one-stop-shop to track candidates through the hiring process, including reference checks, and provides real-time reporting on hiring pipelines and vacancies.

  • Where can I go for more support?

    For questions or support, please contact your regional INAEYC Workforce Coordinator. A list of regions and contacts can be found online at

    There are also a wide variety of self-help articles in the Nimble Help Center, including this quick guide for job board users.