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Changing Emails on I-LEAD

Changing Emails on I LEAD

Warning: Each I-LEAD user needs their own email that isn’t shared with anyone else. I-LEAD accounts aren’t meant to be shared or gifted as they contain personal information & training unique to that user. Failure to follow this rule could result in tangled accounts and incorrect data on consent forms that can't be reversed.

The email used on I-LEAD is used to both log into the website and receive notifications related to the licensing and consent forms. When an I-LEAD account is created, the email is permanently linked to that particular account in the I-LEAD system.

The only way to switch the email login and change the notifications is to create a new I-LEAD account using the new email address.

  • Guests- When you create a new account, press "Skip" on the section that asks for your date of birth and social security number. You may need to call SPARK Learning Lab and ask advanced support to locate and merge your old Indiana Learning Paths training records to the new account if you're not affiliated with any kind of child care facility.
  • Educators- When the new account is created, there is a prompt after the login screen that asks for your date of birth and social security number. This is used to merge your new account with any past consent and training records from the previous account(s). If it can't find your information immediately, please press "Skip" and merge later using the "I am an Educator" button.
  • Provider admins- The steps for provider admins should be the same as the educator section above. Provider admins, please also send an admin invite for each license to the new email first using the "+Invite Admin" button before you create the new I-LEAD account. Once the new account is created, please accept the most recent admin invite to connect with all your licenses and give the new account admin access.

Notes: If you are still able to login to your old I-LEAD account but not the email anymore, please check to make sure the email listed in the "My Profile Information" matches what you used to login. This should prevent any issues setting up the new account with the new email. If the email is different than what was used to log into I-LEAD, please click "Update Profile" to change it back to the original email established with the account. You should be able to log out and create the new I-LEAD account using the correct email afterward.


Need Additional Help?

If additional assistance is needed with a missing consent form or incorrect data, please contact SPARK Learning Lab at 1-800-299-1627 or email a helpful agent.

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