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Completing Training on Indiana Learning Paths

Completing Training on Indiana Learning Paths

  1. Login to your I-LEAD account.
  2. Click “Start your Indiana Learning Paths”. (Fig. 1)
  3. Select Training Catalog.
  4. Click Courses.
  5. Scroll over to Categories (Right) or type in the name of your course.

Most courses are in alphabetical order or can be searched by name/keyword in the Search Bar.

(Fig 1.)


Types of Training:

There are (3) kinds of lessons available online that generate certificates/ credit hours:

  • Online- These courses can be taken at any time. Just click the REGISTER/START and then click any links under Course Materials to begin the coursework.
  • Live Webinars- These courses require prior registration before attending the virtual classroom on the specified date and time. Click REGISTER/START to enter your name and I-LEAD email address. A verification email will be sent via to confirm registration. On the day of the course, all registered users will receive an email with a link to join the class.

    (Note: To receive credit, the person who registered for the lesson on their I-LEAD account must be present for the whole class and complete all coursework. Certificates will be issued by the instructor within 48 hours. Some live webinars will also post a video link for those who wish to review the content for the course on their own. Watching the video does not issue a certificate though. It is for informational purposes only)

  • Face-to-Face- Prior to 2020, there were several courses that could be registered to go to a physical location for training. Currently, all coursework can be completed virtually without the need to go in. Should this change, this section will be updated with new instructions.

*To view which kind of course and credit hours the course is worth, please click the "Flip more" button for more detail.

Staff/ Provider Admin Training:

Anyone new to licensing or working for child care can click the "Mandatory" category to find the starting coursework needed to enter child care services.

When a staff member on the Associated Educator roster for a license completes coursework, managers with the “Applicant” status on the roster can view it by going to Indiana Learning Paths, click on the Profile Icon, and change the role from "Learner" to "Manger". All the certificates will be in "Learner Reports" and can search by name. Click on the user’s ID number to view what courses are completed. Managers can also download the certificate from each completed course for that individual.

Beginning Coursework:

Provider Admins/ New Licensing Orientation Training:

New provider admins should do the Orientation 1 & 2 training (OT 1 & OT 2). The training goes over the rules and regulations for starting a child care program.

  • Orientation 1: Training for Child Care Providers
  • Orientation 2: Training for Child Care Centers
  • Orientation 2: Family Child Care Home Licensing Training
  • Orientation 2: Unlicensed Registered Child Care Ministry

Select the Orientation 2 training for the type of building you're considering. The requirements manual and checklist are combined under the first document for download in the "Resources" section of the module. The instructions to complete the license on I-LEAD is also available for download or click the Open a New Program button on your I-LEAD dashboard to begin the application process.

Legally licensed-Exempt Programs (LLEP) can skip the OT 1 & OT2 training and go directly to the licensing application on the I-LEAD dashboard. LLEPs are only available to providers with 5 or fewer unrelated children. Any program that has 6 or more children enrolled will have to be licensed.

All Staff Training:

  • Introduction to the NEW Indiana Early Learning FOUNDATIONS – online
  • Child Abuse – online (Required Annually)
  • Universal Precautions – online and live webinar
  • Safe Sleep 1 & 2 online and live webinar (Required Once)
  • Health and Safety Series – 4 separate modules-take all 4 – online:
    • Indiana’s Introduction to the Early Childhood and Out of School Learning Profession - Online Course - Module 1 - Child Development
    • Indiana’s Introduction to the Early Childhood and Out of School Learning Profession - Online Course Module 2 - Health
    • Indiana’s Introduction to the Early Childhood and Out of School Learning Profession - Online Course - Module 3 - Safety
    • Indiana’s Introduction to the Early Childhood and Out of School Learning Profession - Online Course- Module 4 - Child Development (School Age)

*These courses are required to enter child care services. Additional training courses are available on the website and can be used to complete annual training hours. Please note retaking a completed course will not issue a new certificate issue date. Most courses are only required to be completed once.

For those unable to automatically connect to Indiana Learning Paths or having issues accessing this segment of the website, please use the following steps to continue:

  1. Go back and re-click "Start your Indiana Learning Paths". The website should automatically connect once this step is done.
  2. Download and use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your internet browser.
  3. Clear cookies and cached images for your device.
  4. Mobile users: Please switch to a computer/laptop as some components of the lesson may not work on certain mobile devices.

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