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Consent Forms

Consent Forms

Federal law requires all states to implement state and federal criminal background checks that include fingerprints for child care providers. The comprehensive background check must include a fingerprint check of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) database to ensure that providers do not have a history of convictions that could put children’s health and safety at risk. Notably, the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information System database may not include final dispositions for arrests listed on an individual’s rap sheet.  Therefore, it’s critical that employers also conduct local criminal felony and misdemeanor checks to assess if an arrest listed on the FBI’s report resulted in a conviction.  Additionally, potential child care providers must be checked to ensure that they are not listed as a sex offender and have not been found to have committed child neglect or abuse.

Warning: Each I-LEAD user needs their own email that isn’t shared with anyone else. I-LEAD accounts aren’t meant to be shared or gifted as they contain personal information & training unique to that user. Failure to follow this rule could result in tangled accounts and incorrect data on consent forms that can't be reversed.

By completing your consent form, you are authorizing both a state and federal background check as indicated above.  Additionally, you are confirming that you have previously submitted your fingerprints within the last 3 years. This will be confirmed by entering your TCN number, located on your fingerprint receipt.

Do not start a consent form without your fingerprint receipt. Your TCN # (minus the "i") will need entered where it says INKLESS TRANSACTION NUMBER. 

To complete your personal consent form, please follow the steps below. 

  1. Log in to your I-LEAD account.
  2. Click the Begin Consent Form button on your I-LEAD Dashboard to start or restart your consent form. Click Edit Consent Form if you returned to continue your progress. (fig. 1)
  3. The Select All valid Providers check box should have a check mark at the top of the page. If not, please click this box to fill it in. 
  4. Click the Form Information button at the bottom right corner to advance to the next page. (fig.2)
  5. Complete all available fields. (fig. 3) Please only enter YOUR personal information on the document. Your fingerprints from Identogo are also needed for this section. Enter the TCN # (minus the "i") in the Inkless Transaction Number section. Fingerprints should be done once every (3) years. If you received new fingerprints this year, please upload the TCN# with the consent form. 
  6. Once all fields in Form Information are completed, click the Documentation button at the bottom right corner to advance to the next page. Most educators can skip this section. Only minors or those who received a disqualification status on their background checks need to upload documentation. Please view the instructions below for additional guidance: 
    1. Juvenile Educators will need their parent or guardian to assist with their fingerprints, background checks, and signatures on the consent form. Please save the progress on the form and click HERE for instructions on how to complete the process for a juvenile. 
    2. Disqualified Educators will receive another "Begin Consent Form" button on the accounts when the individual is flagged as disqualified on the provider's roster. Please redo the consent forms and follow the instructions HERE to complete the resubmission process. 
    3. All other Educators, skip the Documentation section and proceed to the next page.
  7. Click the Go To Submit button on the bottom right corner to advance to the next page. 
  8. On the Submit screen, type your first and last name in the Electronic Signature box. Additionally, click on the I Agree To All Terms checkbox (fig. 5) -Or- For Juveniles, your parent or guardian will need to complete this section on your behalf.
  9. Finally, click the green Submit button, located at the bottom right of the page. 

If the consent form is submitted successfully, a message will appear confirming the submission and you will be re-routed to the I-LEAD Dashboard. The "Begin Consent Form" will disappear and the counter will reset and say "Current consent form expires in 364 days on...[the next expiration date]".

Please complete the annually required consent form 90 days before it expires. 

View Consent Form, Begin Consent Form, & Edit Consent Form (Fig. 1)


Associated Providers List- List of all Providers for a Background Check  (Fig. 2)


Form Information- Enter Personal Information & Fingerprint TCN (Fig. 3)


Documentation Page- Skip unless a Juvenile or Disqualified Educator (Fig. 4)


Submission Page- Sign and Submit (Fig. 5)


Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please reply to this message or contact the Brighter Futures Solution Center directly by calling 1-800-299-1627.

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