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Documentation for Applications

Documentation for Applications

  • Attestation

    The Attestation form must be completed by the owner for licensed homes, owner and director for licensed centers, religious leader for unlilcensed child care ministries, and as of July 1, 2022, owner or director of Legally Licensed Exempt Providers. The individual who signs the attestation form will also sign the application to show their involvement with the licensing decisions. If the individual is not listed in the Provider Admin section, send them an admin invitation. This will give them access to the application to sign the last page of the application and submit. Please note, anyone listed as a provider admin will need sent an educator invite to do their consent form(s) for each site. Select their "Educator Type" as an "Applicant" on the invite or on the Associated Educator roster.

    Please click the link to download the Attestation form:

  • Business Permit or Business Exemption Letter

    Some cities and townships in Indiana may require a business permit for child care programs to operate (excluding registered ministries). For cities and townships which do not require a business permit, a child care program is still required to obtain a currently-dated letter of exemption for a business permit and must be provided by the governing office of that city or township. Please verify with your consultant which type is appropriate for your child care program and location. The business permit or exemption letter must be uploaded with your renewal application in I-LEAD. New business permits can be acquired from your local zoning commission in your area. Business permits and exemption letters should be renewed with a current date annually.

  • Group Leader Letter

    Some church groups and denominations have set up an umbrella 501c3 exemption for their churches. Each congregation stills incorporates individually and adopts its own bylaws. The Church can obtain a copy of the denomination’s 501c3 Exemption Letter on denomination letterhead that states the church is in good standing.

  • Letter of Incorporation

    Letter of Incorporation- For Licensed Child Care Centers and Unlicensed Child Care Ministries, you may be required to upload recent paperwork granted by the Indiana Secretary of State. To download documentation for free, go to Licensed Child Care Centers are required to submit only the certificate page. Unlicensed Registered Child Care Ministries which are religious organizations, are required to submit ALL pages. A church DOES NOT need Articles of Incorporation.

    Step-By-Step Display

    To obtain a Certified copy of Articles of Incorporation go to the Indiana Secretary of State Business Page:

    1. Click on Business Entities -

    2. You will redirected to a search database


    3. Search -Type Business Name: (Example) Early Learning Indiana and click search after entering name

    4. Click on the Business ID next to business name to view all detail


    You will now see all Entity details


    5. Click on Certified Copies Request - Here is the option to print or download your Articles – FREE

    6. Select the documents you wish to download – example: Articles of Incorporation


    6. When you click on Certified Copies Request this window appears – option to open or save file:


    Your Articles will be a few pages (this one is 4 pages – First page always has the Indiana Seal on it) and is marked certified copies. (See attached example of full Articles of Incorporation)

  • Licensing Exemption Affidavit

    Licensing Exemption Affidavit- For Legally License-Exempt Programs (LLEP), your renewal may require an affidavit to be completed. Notarization is NOT required, any longer. The form is also available on pages 10-12 of the following packet:

  • Tax Exemption ID

    Tax Exemption- Unlicensed Registered Child Care Ministries will need to upload a recent tax exemption ID. This is the 501(c)(3). Tax exemptions can be acquired from the IRS.

  • Well Test

    For homes with private water instead of public, you will need to get your well tested and upload the results from the county health department to your application.

    Well water test results (if applicable): Water from a source other than a municipal water supply (private well water) must be tested annually to ensure it is safe for drinking, cooking and washing.

    • For a list of labs throughout Indiana that test well water and for additional information, visit
    • Contact an approved lab, and request a collection kit. Once you have collected your water, send the kit back into the lab for testing, and they will mail you the results. You will want to be sure this is one of the first things you do, because this process generally takes a significant amount of time.
    • The results of the coliform bacteria testing must indicate your water is safe for drinking, cooking and washing.

    Health Departments by County:

  • W-9

    W-9- Form W-9—Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification—is a commonly used IRS form for business owners and independent contractors. For new programs interested in taking child care vouchers, a W-9 form needs to be completed and uploaded with your application.

    The form can be downloaded from the following PDF link:


    Note: If your renewal or update licensing application will not let you proceed because of a missing Tax Identification Number (TIN), please contact your licensing consultant and provide them a new W-9 form. Once it has been updated in the system, wait 24 hours and then refresh the application on I-LEAD. Once this is done, you may continue the application process.

Upload Notes: To upload documents, please either scan or take a picture on your device and upload it to the appropriate section. Make sure anything on the file can be easily read. If the image isn't legible, then the application may be returned for edits by your consultant with requests for another copy. If the file size is too big for upload, you will receive an error message. Make sure images are saved in "jpeg" or "pdf" format, are less than 100KB in size, and scanned documents are less than 300 dpi.

Mailing Documents: To mail your documents instead of uploading them, click the box labeled "I am mailing in my support documents". This will skip the Documentation section and move on to the next part of the application. Once the application has been signed and submitted, a cover letter will be provided on the View Application page for download and print. The cover letter includes the list of required documents and where to mail them to. Please print the cover letter and mail the documents to the address listed on the cover letter. The letter and all documentation must be received by the office within 10 calendar days.

Missing TIN: If your renewal or update licensing application will not let you proceed because of a missing Tax Identification Number (TIN), please contact your licensing consultant and provide them with a new W-9 form or business permit. Once it has been updated in the system, wait 24 hours and then refresh the application on I-LEAD. Once this is done, you may continue the application process.

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