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How To Accept an Educator Invitation

How to Accept and Educator Invitation

The article below will guide you through the process of accepting your emailed invitation to join your child care program. This will allow you to complete your consent form and join the staff roster within I-LEAD, a requirement of all caregivers.

1.) New Hires/Educators: Accept the invitation sent to your email. (It’s labeled as It may be in the junk/spam folder if it’s not in the inbox.)

Accept invitation screenshot

2.) Click Login and Accept Invitation.

click login and accept invitation screenshot

3.) Log in using your ILEAD credentials.

login in use iLead credentials screenshot

4.) Select your date of birth on the calendar or manually type it (MM/DD/YYYY) and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. Then click Submit.

fill out personal details and submit screenshot

NOTE: If you are a New I-LEAD User, you will click "SKIP" on the next screen. Additionally, please skip to step 7 of this article.

5.) Verify the information you entered is correct. If so, click My Information is Correct. If not, press Cancel to go back to the previous page to make the necessary edits.

My information is correct screenshot

6.) Enter your phone number and email. Then press Submit.

phone number and email screenshot

7.) Update the personal information on your profile and select your "Title”. Most individuals will select “Teacher” as their title. Then click Update Your Profile.

update your profile screenshot

8.) If accepting your invitation was successful, you'll see your provider in the "Providers" section. Find your consent form in the upper right-hand corner to fill out once you have your fingerprinting information.

accepting your invitation successful screenshot

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