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Inviting Staff

Inviting Staff

Provider Admins need to add their staff to their educator roster so they can keep track of their staff’s mandatory training and annual consent forms for background checks and fingerprinting. Please follow the instructions below on how to add an Educator to your child care facility. Please send an invite for each location the educator works at.

Warning: Each I-LEAD user needs their own email that isn’t shared with anyone else. I-LEAD accounts aren’t meant to be shared or gifted as they contain personal information & training unique to that user. Failure to follow this rule could result in tangled accounts and incorrect data on consent forms that can't be reversed.

Types of Invites & Functions:

Admin Invites: An admin invite is used to give a person on I-LEAD access to the same licensing and consent information the provider admin for the license has access to. If a user has multiple emails they wish to access the licenses from, then the provider must be sent an admin invite to each email they with to give access to on their I-LEAD account.

Educator Invite: An educator invites is used to connect a new hires I-LEAD account to a specific license so they can receive a consent form for that location. Consent forms are provided annually after the first one is submitted on the account. However, educators must receive an educator invite from each facility they work for and accept them through their emails to connect their account to the agencies and receive the consent form. If an invite is accepted, the educator does a consent form, and then accepts an invite for another location, they will have to do separate consent form for the newest location to receive permission from OECOSL licensing to work there. This is why its best to have the educator accept the invite for all locations first and then do the consent form so they only have to do it once to be counted at all the locations they're associated with. Accepting the consent form also gives provider admins with the "Applicant" status on their Associated Educator roster Manager View on Indiana Learning Paths to view and pull completed training certificates for their staff.

3 Ways to Send Educator Invites:

(Click the button of each title to be directed to that support article)

1.) Manage Educators Button-Click this option if you have multiple Educator(s) who need consent forms and invites for multiple child care sites.

2.) +Invite Educators Button Click this option if you only have one child care site that you wish to invite your Educator(s) to for consent forms.

3.) I am an Educator button- Educators will use this button when they create a new I-LEAD account to merge with the records from a previous I-LEAD account or connect with past consent records submitted by the consultant/previous child care facility for an existing I-LEAD account. Educators who are able to merge with their records won't need an educator invite so long as the license shows in the Providers section once they merge with their records. To see if your Educator(s) should merge instead of receive an invite, please check your Associated Educator roster via the View Details button of that license to see if they're already listed. If they are listed but have a "No" or "Invited" status under Registered, please direct them to merge when they login to I-LEAD.

If there is no merge button despite them being listed on Associated Educators as Registered "No", please contact SPARK Learning Lab at 1-800-299-1627 or email a helpful agent.

Staff must complete their consent forms as soon as they accept their invite. This is required before they can begin working in a child care setting. They will also need to submit a copy of their fingerprint receipt from IdentoGo to for processing.

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