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Open a New Program Button

Submitting a New Child Care Licensing Application on I-LEAD

If you'd like to open a new child care program on I-LEAD, please create an I-LEAD account if you don't have one already or log into I-LEAD. Each child care license or exemption has different requirements as outlined by the state of Indiana. To determine if the location you're considering is suitable and meets the state's guidelines, complete the Orientation 1 & Orientation 2 training (OT 1 & OT 2) before filling out an application on I-LEAD.

Once the OT 1 & OT 2 training is completed, log out of Indiana Learning Paths and return to your I-LEAD dashboard to find the licensing application in the Providers section. Click the Open a New Program button to start the application. Applications are divided into different categories depending on the type of child care program you're attempting to establish.


Completing the application after finishing OT 1 & OT 2 training:

There are (5) sections that need completed for your new child care program:

  1. Provider Registration- This section allows you to select which child care program you wish to create. Click each option to read through the guidelines of each child care program type. Please complete the correct Orientation 2 training before starting the application. Once the correct application is selected, fill out the eligibility questions at the bottom of the page, and click "Begin Application" to officially start the licensing process. There are 6 different child care applications.:
        • Licensed Center
        • Licensed Home
        • Unlicensed CCDF Eligible Center
        • Unlicensed CCDF Eligible Home
        • Unlicensed Registered Ministry
        • Nanny Care
          Note: Once "Begin Application" is selected, the application type can't be changed to another type. If you require a different application type, click "Home" in the upper right-hand corner to return to the I-LEAD Dashboard, then "Open a New Program" to select the correct application. The previous application draft will close out on its own after 180 days if left alone.
  2. Information- There are 3 tabs in this section. The tab you're looking at will be highlighted in green and the others tabs will be in gray until you click on them.:
    • Application Details- Information about the name of the child care program, the address, type, if it accepts vouchers, auspice (click here for more info), etc. The address recorded will be where the child care program operates and must meet the regulations mentioned in the Orientation 2 training.
    • Applicant Details- Information about who is running the daycare and/or other occupants who live on the premises where the child care program will operate
    • Provider Details- Information about the child care program's contact email, phone number, age groups accepted, hours, etc.
    • The "Documentation" button to move onto the next part of the application will only become available when all 3 sections are completed
  3. Documentation- Please upload your documentation or click the box to mail them instead. For a list of common documentation required and upload tips, please click on "Documentation for Applications" for more information.
  4. Educators- This section reflects who helps with the child care facility or licensing applications. Each person needs their own I-LEAD account with an email that isn't shared with anyone else so they can do their consent forms for background checks. Verify and enter each person's email, educator type, date of birth, legal name, and hire date. Educator types definitions are as followed:
        • Volunteer- Unpaid staff assisting with child care program for educational purposes
        • Staff- Anyone paid by the child care program to assist with child care services
        • Applicant- Title given to those who manages staff and child care operations. Selecting this option will send an email invitation that gives the access to licensing paperwork and staff consent forms. This also provides access to a "Manager" view on Indiana Learning Paths to pull employee training records and certificates. The applicant who signs the attestation paper must also sign the application.
        • Household Members- Anyone living in the home where the child care program is operating

          Note: The educator invitations will only send after you've signed and submitted your application. Each staff member will need their own I-LEAD account that's not shared with anyone else before they accept the invitation. Invitations expire in (3) calendar days and must be "Re-Invited" to connect their I-LEAD account to your license. Ask the educator to login from the emailed invite to verify their account and connected it to the child care site. Pending invites will be in the Invited Educators section of your license once this application has been submitted. Please make sure each staff member is sent an educator invite for all child care sites and accept them first before doing their consent form. Once the invites are accepted, the consent form results should be posted to all child care locations. Consent forms are required annually and fingerprint renewals are done every (3) years. Click here for guidance on how to view the status of your educator's consent forms.

  5. Submit- This section should be signed and submitted by the Applicant who filled out the Attestation statement. The attestation statement and signature should be signed by the owner for a home, the director for a center, or the pastor/religious leader for a ministry. If you need to add them, press the Educators button to go back and add them as an "Applicant".

Submission Confirmation: If the application was successfully submitted, the “Start Application” or “Edit Application” button will change to a “View Application” button on the admin page. A cover letter will be available for anyone who chose to submit Documentation through the mail available for print. It will also change the status on the PROVIDER APPLICATIONS section from “Draft” to “Submitted” and show the date your application type was sent.

Consultant Notes

Please monitor your email and the "View Details" section of your license on I-LEAD to see messages from your consultant. If an application requires a change, a consultant note will be in the Provider Information box next to Provider Admins. The application may also be in "Edit" mode in the Provider Application section. For an initial inspection and communication, consultants typically communicate by email. The consultant will only schedule an in-person inspection of the premises once all consent forms and licensing paperwork are completed online. Licenses are issued via an admin invitation when all requirements for the child care program are met.

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