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Program Enrollment Report FAQ

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  • I am having trouble accessing my Program Enrollment Report.

    Please be sure to use the email address that you received the notification, and your license number EXACTLY as it appears on your state-issued license/registration/certification.

    Note: Please Include All Letters And Dashes Associated With This Number (RM-, XX-XXXX)

  • Why am I being asked to provide my Program Enrollment data monthly?

    Enrollment data reported by programs will help provide insight into the early childhood education supply and demand gaps across our state and better inform ongoing relief and recovery efforts.

  • Who will receive the form at my program?

    The enrollment form will be sent to the program administrator on file with OECOSL.

  • How can I change who receives the monthly report notification?

    Once you access the report and complete the survey, you will have an opportunity to update the contact information. This will redirect all notifications to the new contact.

    Do Note: This will Not update any other system within OECOSL including your program's Provider Admin. Contact the Brighter Futures Solution Center for support updating your Provider Admin.

  • Where do I submit my Program Enrollment Report?
  • Who is required to submit their Program Enrollment Report?

    Programs that are authorized to accept Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) vouchers, regardless of current enrollment, are required to submit their monthly Program Enrollment Survey.

  • I did not receive my confirmation email. Are you able to tell me if my survey was submitted successfully?

    Upon completion of your Program Enrollment Survey, you will see a confirmation screen. Please document this screen as confirmation of your completed survey.

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