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The Brighter Futures Indiana Data Center offers data related to population, economy, supply and demand.

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The Brighter Futures Indiana Data Center offers data related to population, economy, supply and demand.

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Paths to QUALITY

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Paths to QUALITY™ connects professionals like you with the tools and support needed to create high quality learning environments for children. As an early childhood or youth professional, you work hard to ensure that the children in your care are safe, healthy and learning. You play a critical role in children’s ability to succeed. By providing high quality care and education, you are demonstrating your commitment to these children and their long-term success. You are making sure that each child is ready for school and prepared for life, and Paths to QUALITY™ wants to recognize and reward you for that.

Benefits of Paths to QUALITY™

Paths to QUALITY™ helps professionals and programs provide high-quality care and education through free resources, cash and non-cash incentives, professional development opportunities and one-on-one coaching relationships.

  • Incentives to help you advance to the next level of Paths to QUALITY™
  • Coaching to help you move through Paths to QUALITY™
  • Statewide Referral System that helps parents locate participating Paths to QUALITY™ programs

Programs are experiencing great success with Paths to QUALITY™

  • In the beginning, when we became a level 1, I wasn’t aware that we qualified or were eligible for the stipend for materials or supplies and the mentor was really something that was really helpful. And the advisor for accreditation through Paths to QUALITY checks in to see how you are doing in-between times and I think that is very beneficial too—that communication.
  • Paths to QUALITY was one we were really excited about. And it also assists you, it has mentors come in, they’ll assess your program, they are very helpful in making sure you are making the points you need to be and that coincides with your statements, your regulations, and things of that nature. Of course, we had our accreditation some time ago.
  • The mentoring has been incredibly helpful. The mentor is always with you and updating things. My staff is always excited about updating things, so having to renew every year, they have a reason to update and they like that. In our initial stages, it helped us link our curriculum to the Foundations, and it’s led us to the ISTAR-KR, and parents really like that. The beginning process of getting Foundations training was helpful