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See the latest COVID-19 information for Indiana families.


See the latest COVID-19 information for Indiana families.

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Support for Families and Children

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had immeasurable effects on families and children, from learning loss and job loss to mental and physical health. To help Hoosier families get back on their feet and provide children with the quality early care and education they need, Indiana is using its federal coronavirus relief funding to deliver two-generational supports to Indiana families. This funding will deliver economic relief to low-income and frontline families, help those who’ve lost jobs find employment, and ensure children are in safe, nurturing environments where they can learn and prepare for their futures.

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Indiana’s plan is designed to provide two-generational support to families — empowering parents and caregivers to get back to work while supporting children in returning to early care and education programs where they can prepare for their futures.

Essential to Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

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Find frequently asked questions at the link below for current initiatives in Indiana’s Essential to Recovery plan.