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Visit our Blog to learn more about our resources!

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  • Build, Learn, Grow Scholarship Fund Logo

    Indiana’s Build, Learn, Grow program helps families that work in essential businesses connect to the care and education support their kids' need – building reliable child care infrastructure, creating new learning opportunities for young students and helping our communities grow.

    The Indiana Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning — in partnership with Early Learning Indiana, the Indiana Afterschool Network and SPARK Learning Lab — is offering scholarships to families that work in essential businesses to help connect children ages 0-12 to quality early care and out-of-school learning opportunities.

    Scholarships will cover up to 80% of a child’s early care and education, summer learning, or out-of-school program tuition.

    The general Build, Learn, Grow scholarship program is closed to new scholarships. Scholarships submitted by March 31 that are awarded may be extended through June 2022. Participating programs will receive an email with the direct link and instructions to extend these scholarships.

    Children who are 5 years old or older by Aug. 1 may be eligible for the Build Learn Grow Summer Scholarship program.

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  • Testimonial #1

    The Build, Learn, Grow Scholarships have been amazing for many of our families! It has provided financial relief for those who have been working as essential workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a great way to show how appreciative our community is of all of their hard work!

    Cindy Gilbert, ABC Preschool and Daycare (Terre Haute)

  • Testimonial #2

    This scholarship is allowing our families to lower their monthly child care costs by 80% for up to five months! That’s huge for a family that is working to just make ends meet. This is only a temporary relief, but a much-needed relief nonetheless. The early care and education field is a critical component to supporting families and without us, families are unable to work or go to school. This scholarship is just one of the many necessary steps needed to demonstrate to the nation how critical early care and education is to the success of a family and to the economic development of our community, both locally and nationally.

    Kacey Deverell, Early Childhood Alliance (Ft. Wayne)

  • Testimonial #3

    The Build, Learn, Grow family scholarships are wonderful for families and our own staff members as essential workers. The pandemic has been really tough, and these scholarships are providing relief for families, allowing them to work and ensure their children get the high-quality educational opportunities they need, while also helping to rebuild enrollment within our early learning centers. We’re grateful for this opportunity, for both our families and our centers.

    Christine Garza, Day Early Learning (Indianapolis)

Build, Learn, Grow Scholarship Fund – Provider FAQs

  • Time period: May 2021-June 2022
  • Eligibility: Programs must be CCDF eligible and complete the Build, Learn, Grow Informational Session.
  • Description: Indiana’s Build, Learn, Grow scholarship fund helps rebuild early care and education enrollment and offers families of essential workers scholarships toward their children’s early care and education, summer learning or out-of-school time care.
  • How do programs extend the length of an awarded scholarship?

    Providers can submit claims to extend awarded scholarships for children remaining in their care. Scholarships can be extended for families in quarterly claims for the periods of Jan-March and April-June. An email with further instructions and the direct link to the scholarship extension form will be sent to all programs with approved claims

  • How soon will claims be paid?

    Generally, claims will be paid within two weeks from the point the claim status moves to accepted.

  • What if a family leaves the program before their planned end date?

    Build, Learn, Grow scholarship funds may be used to pay for any expenses that would have otherwise been covered by tuition fees. If a family disenrolls (or changes frequency and therefore rate) prior to the end of the period covered by the claim, funds may be applied to operating expenses (including staffing, materials, supplies and facilities expenses) used to carry out the program’s educational services. Refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information.

  • What are programs expected to track or report?

    Programs will submit a report at the end of the claim period. Programs should track and report the following: a detailed accounting of any funds associated with early disenrollments and how such funds were spent consistent with the Allowable Early Disenrollment Expenses; a description of whether each child receiving a Build, Learn, Grow scholarship remained in the program following the expiration of the scholarship; and family testimonials about the impact that Build, Learn, Grow scholarships had on their ability to work and their children’s ability to learn.

  • Who should programs contact with questions?

    For support completing a claim, contact the
    Brighter Futures Indiana Solution Center via email, phone or chat, Monday-Thursday 8 am-7 pm and Friday 8 am-5 pm.

    Call (800) 299-1627, email or live chat at

  • The claim application asks for the weekly rate of care for each child claimed. Should a program enter the full rate or 80% of the full rate in this field?

    Programs should input the full weekly rate of care for this child. During review of the claim, we will calculate 80% of the full rate to process the claim. (See FAQ about how to handle two different rates for the same child.)

Need Help?

For support with the Build, Learn, Grow scholarship program, contact the Brighter Futures Indiana Solution Center via email, phone or chat.

Monday-Thursday 8 a.m.-7 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. ET.
Call: (800) 299-1627