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The Brighter Futures Indiana Data Center offers data related to population, economy, supply and demand.

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The Brighter Futures Indiana Data Center offers data related to population, economy, supply and demand.

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How to Find

High-Quality Child Care in Indiana

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The process of finding high-quality child care can be overwhelming. Knowing where to start is a significant step in selecting the right fit for you and your little one. We have provided a list of useful resources to help get you started on your search for child care in Indiana.

1) Early Learning Marketplace

Early Learning Marketplace is a tool that helps families search for child care providers based on their needs, while offering the option to enroll in a program directly from the website. This resource helps save time by filtering options according to your specific needs and allowing you to save your seat as soon as you find the right fit.

Once you enter your ZIP code, a number of child care options will become available to you. From there, you can change the filters based on several different choices including age range, availability, budget and program type. During your search, you will find reviews from other families and you can eventually review your own provider once enrolled. This customizable search is the easiest way to find all of the providers in your community that fit your needs.

2) Indiana 211

Indiana 211 offers personalized support through its solution center. This child care resource allows families to chat directly with support to receive one-on-one advice. You can reach out from anywhere in Indiana to talk with someone through a phone call or email. This resource is a great way to receive individualized help based on your specific needs. The solution center can even contact providers on your behalf.

3) Child Care Resource & Referral Network

The Child Care Resource & Referral Network (CCRR) can help you find care according to where you live or work in Indiana. For every county in the state there is a dedicated agency with enrollment specialists to make sure families have access to the care that they need. The CCRR also offers parenting workshops, specialized learning activities and connections with local social support agencies.

4) Child Care Finder

The Child Care Finder aids in pinpointing child care centers in Indiana and gives parents the confidence that they are choosing the right program for them. The safety information discloses any recent health and safety or licensing violations, making the search for the safest child care option that much easier! This tool utilizes various filters including age group, hours of operation, provider type, programs and Paths to QUALITY™ level, which will lead you to provider contact information and safety details for each location.

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