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The Brighter Futures Indiana Data Center offers data related to population, economy, supply and demand.

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The Brighter Futures Indiana Data Center offers data related to population, economy, supply and demand.

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National STEM Day

Celebrate National STEM Day with Kids

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November 8 marks National Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Day. The date itself signifies inspiration for innovation! This day celebrates the many successes of the STEM field and highlights its importance in early childhood education. In order to celebrate National STEM Day, here are a few fun activities you can do at home!

Virtual Lab Visits

Many organizations across the nation such as 3M and Boeing have created in-depth virtual tours of various labs. These visits allow you to see space centers, recycling centers and more all from the comfort of your own home!

Boeing and Discovery Education's Virtual Field Trip: Check out Houston's historic Johnson Space Center with this tour. You'll meet several Boeing employees and learn more about the Starliner ship and the creation of the Space Launch System.

Republic Services' Virtual Field Trip: Click to view the day-to-day operations of a modern landfill. Each lesson is dedicated to various grade levels, but the tour can be used for any ages.

Amazon's Fulfillment Centers Virtual Field Trip: Take this 45 minute interactive tour to learn about engineering in Amazon facilities. Explore the use of technology and machines the company uses to keep up with consumer demand.

Tour Science Museums

Whether it is natural history, marine life or coding, there is a science museum dedicated to teaching young people more about these topics. The links below offer different types of tours for each museum!

Museum of Science: Join the daily live stream to see what activities are happening today. Located in Boston, the Museum of Science hosts over 700 different interactive exhibits -many of which can be viewed online.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: This immersive experience allows you to navigate from room to room while exploring every exhibit imaginable. Sitting on the National Mall in Washington D.C., this museum shows the history of humankind from beginning until now.

San Diego Zoo: Pick from one of thirteen different live animal cameras to take a look at what your favorite animals are up to. One of the most famous in the world, San Diego Zoo hosts more than 12,000 rare and endangered species who call this 100-acre park home.

Hands-On Activities

Now it's time for you to try some of your own experiments! Check out some of these fun hands-on, at-home activities that you can do with your kids.

Science Snacks: These teacher-tested activities include everything from making your own rainstick to creating a spectroscope out of an old CD. Using easily-accessible and inexpensive materials allow you to practice natural phenomena outside of a classroom setting.

Grow Vegetables: The Farmers' Almanac shows how you can regrow 12 different vegetables using food scraps. This environmentally friendly practice is a great science lesson that helps you save on grocery bills too.

Nature Sculptures: Practice your artistic and engineering skills by building sculptures from natural objects. This simple yet exciting way of creative expression allows children to build and test their own structural prototypes.

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