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Managing Educator Consent Forms

Managing Educator Consent Forms

Maintaining up-to-date staff consent forms in I-LEAD is crucial and imperative in keeping compliance with the State! Monitor and manage staff consent forms on the ‘Associated Educators’ section of the admin’s ‘Provider Details’ page. The ‘Status’ next to the educator’s name Indicates the status of the consent. The ‘Status Submitted’ section shows the last consent form submitted. Remember, consents are required annually. Fingerprints are required every 3 years. Once the fingerprints are renewed with IdentoGo, the educator and/or provider will need to submit a copy of the receipt provided and a paper consent completed by the educator to for OECOSL to process it.

Accessing the Associated Educator Roster for a License:

  1. Login to I-LEAD
  2. Scroll down to your Provider section
  3. Click View Details next to the license roster you wish to view
  4. Scroll down to Associated Educators. This roster shows all educators who submitted past consent forms or accepted their invitations for this particular license. To understand the status of each consent forms, please view the status definitions under the image below.

Consent Form Status Definitions: (Click Each for More Information)

(Right click on image and select "Open in New Tab" for full view mode)


Warning: Each I-LEAD user needs their own email that isn’t shared with anyone else. I-LEAD accounts aren’t meant to be shared or gifted as they contain personal information & training unique to that user. Failure to follow this rule could result in tangled accounts and incorrect data on consent forms that can't be reversed.

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