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Managing Educator Consent Forms

Managing Educator Consent Forms

Provider Admins have the ability to view the status of their staff's consent form on the “Associated Educators” section of their Provider Details page within their I-LEAD account. The status next to the educator’s name indicates the status of their consent form. The “Status Submitted” column indicates when their last consent form was submitted. You must review the "Submitted Date" column to check for expiration. Consent forms are set to expire 364 days from the submitted date.

*If the Educator does not show a "Yes" under Registered an invite must be sent to the educator to have the educator join the child care.

Please note that consent forms are required to be completed annually. The form can ONLY be completed by the account owner. Updated consent forms can be accessed and submitted up to 90 days before they are due.

Provider admins, please verify that all educators have a "Hire Date" and "Educator Type" on your Associated Educator roster so they can complete the consent forms.

If you or your staff are experiencing difficulty accessing and completing a consent form, please contact the Brighter Futures Solution Center directly at 1-800-299-1627 for guidance.

Location of status and submitted date screenshot

Status Definitions:


Submitted means the consent is in the system, but the processing has not been started. The next step would be for the FBI record to be completed. If it is a new employee then a provisional email will be sent and the consent will be sent to the next two queues for review. If it is an ongoing individual, then no email will be sent but consent will be sent to the next two queues for review. 


Qualified means all checks have been done and the consent is complete with no issues.


Incomplete indicates that there is an issue with the FBI fingerprint check or the consent form itself. A disqualification letter will be sent via mail to the caregiver and provider regarding the disqualification. 

This most commonly comes up when a consent form was submitted without the fingerprint TCN # provided by Identigo. Provider admins, please contact the Background Checks Department with OECOSL via to determine what is needed and submit the missing information for these I-LEAD users.


Provisional means that the FBI's check has been completed for a new employee so they can begin working under supervision. The consent will be sent to the other queues for completion. 


Disqualified means an issue has occurred which makes the caregiver ineligible to work in childcare. This could be an incomplete/expired fingerprint, felony arrest, and/or child welfare substantiation. Letters will be sent to the provider and caregiver.

*Note: An educator listed as ‘N/A’ means the consent form has NOT been completed in the educator’s I-LEAD account. Please check to see if the educator is listed as “Yes” under the ‘Registered’ column. If so, please advise the educator to fill out the consent form in their I-LEAD account. If the educator is listed as ‘No’ under the registered column, the educator may need to accept an invite for your child care program, initiated by the admin and accepted within three days of the invitation. Please invite educators to all sites they work for, as the consent form can fulfill all background screenings for all sites. Remember, when sending an invite, click the last two steps to send a successful invite –‘REVIEW’ and ‘SUBMIT’!


This date shows when the consent form was last submitted.

HIRE DATE and/or STAFF TYPE missing:

Please click on the "update" button in the "action" section to enter the hire date and/or staff type. This will allow the staff member to complete their consent form.

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