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Check Your Application Status

Check Your Application Status

Once you start an Early Ed Connect application, you can check your application status by signing in and clicking on “View My Applications.” Here you will see any applications and their current status.

Application Statuses

Each application status has a different meaning. They include:

  • Not Complete: This means that you have started, but not submitted your application. To submit your application, make sure the progress bar at the top is at 100%, and then press “submit”. If the progress bar is not at 100%, you’ll see at the bottom of the screen what fields you have left to fill out.
  • Submitted Received: This means that your application has been successfully submitted. In the next 30 days, someone from your local eligibility office will contact you to share some options. Please make sure your phone number and email are up-to-date in Early Ed Connect. Your application will stay in the Submitted Received status until you have completed all requirements to obtain child care assistance.
  • Not Eligible: This means that based on the information you submitted in your application, your family does not appear to be eligible for a child care assistance (CCDF) or On My Way Pre-K voucher. For information on why your application may have been denied click here. If you have questions about your Early Ed Connect application, contact your local eligibility office.
  • Click here, CCDF-Intake-Office Map to find your local eligibility office.

If you forgot your email address or need other help with your account, contact Indiana 211 at 1-800-299-1627.

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