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Qualified Consent Status

Qualified Consent Status

“Qualified”-Qualified means all the background checks and have been done and the consent is complete with no issues. The Submitted Date next to the status shows the last time a Qualified consent form was given to the user.

To view when the educator's consent form expires, click the View Details button next to the person's name. The next expiration date for each license will be visible in the Consent Form section at the bottom of the Educator Details page..

Please note that if the educator's Submitted Date is within the 90 day expiration date or has already past a year from the submitted date, the educator listed will need to login to I-LEAD and complete their new consent form for this year. A Qualified consent form on file for the year needs to be on file for the educator to be able to work at the child care program. Those with expired consents need to complete their consent form and receive a new Qualified status to be eligible to work.


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