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How to Invite Educators in I-LEAD

How to Invite Educators in I LEAD

On a Provider Admin's profile, the Invite Educator button is available when you click the View Details button of the site you're inviting the Educator(s) to. Use this to send emailed invites for that particular child care program to one or more Educators. This will connect them to that location's roster and give them a consent form specific to that location. 

Warning: Please thoroughly check that the information entered into the invite has the Educator's correct legal name and personal information. Once an invite has been accepted by the Educator and their personal information entered, it can't be reversed.

Provider Admins, follow the steps below to invite an Educator using this feature:

  1. Login in to your admin account on
  2. On the I-LEAD Dashboard, scroll down to the Provider's section. Make sure you're on the Providers I Administrate section.
  3. Click View Details next to the site you invite your staff to
  4. Click Invite Educators to the right side of the Invited Educator section
  5. Click Yes (if applicable) and click Educators in the lower right-hand corner to proceed
  6. Click Search for Educator to find Educator with previous consent records from a different child care program -or- Add New Educator to send an invite for a new Educator.
  7. Click Search to Search for Educator -or- Lookup to find an existing Educator under Add New Educator. If the person you're looking for didn't come up in the search results box at the bottom of the screen, click Create to begin the process of adding a new Educator. Enter the Educator(s)'s information in the fields and press "My Information is Correct" if everything is accurate
  8. Search the boxes below and click Add or Invite next to your Educator's name to add them to the list
  9. Repeat steps 1-8 multiple times if you are adding multiple educators to this child care site. Once they've all be added, skip down to step 10.
  10. Click Review to see which Educator(s) got an invite for which sites.
  11. Click Submit to send the invite(s) to the listed Educator(s)

If the Invite submitted successfully, the Educators who were invited will show on your admin page as "Pending". To view this, click Home, click View Details for the site you wish to check, and scroll down to the Invited Educators section just above the Associated Educators roster. If they received the invite in their email, it will show them as "Pending". The invites expire in 3 days due to security purposes. If the Educator requires a new invite, please click "Re-Send" to send the Educator a new invite to login from.

Note: Bright Futures Solution Center cannot send Educators invites. Only users with provider admin accounts are able to invite educators to their child care program. Provider admins, please also remember to add yourself to the Associated Educator roster so you can have access to your consent forms too.

Below is a copy of the email that educators receive and need to accept to get their consent forms. 

Screenshot showing where the accept my invitation link is located on the page

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please reply to this message or contact the Brighter Futures Solution Center directly by calling 1-800-299-1627.

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