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I-LEAD Educator Types

I LEAD Educator Types

Within an I-LEAD account, there are four possible Educator types. Educator types are used to identify an individual’s role within I-LEAD. The four types are Household Member, Volunteer, Staff, and Applicant.

Household Member

A household member is any individual who resides in the home of the licensed child care home and is 18 years of age or older.


A person working or assisting in a child care program more than 8 hours a month that is not paid by the program. Interns to your program would be classified as a volunteer.


The Staff role is the most common role assigned to a user. A caregiver/staff is an early childhood professional that is a qualified employee providing direct care and education to children. These individuals are actively employed with the organization and do not volunteer their time.


The Applicant role serves two purposes; as the main contact on a licensing application, and as an individual that is able to review staff transcripts within Indiana Learning Paths. When completing the initial, update, or renewal application, a single individual must be listed as the Applicant on the Associated Educator Roster. This person will serve as the main contact during the review stage of the application. After the application submission, if you wish to add an additional Applicant for the purposes of accessing your staff’s Indiana Learning Paths training records, you may do so at this time.

When completing an initial, update, or renewal application, you will only be allowed one (1) applicant.

You must temporarily set all other Applicant profiles to “Staff” prior to beginning an application.

Failure to complete this task will result in an incomplete application and the inability to submit it.

Below are the steps to modify an individual’s Educator Type.

  1. Log into your Provider Admin account.
  2. Access your site’s View Details
  3. Scroll down to the Associated Educators section.
  4. Locate the individual educator that you would like to modify.
  5. Click the Update button, located to the right of their name.
  6. Utilize the dropdown box under Educator Type to select the appropriate role.
  7. Click the green Update button to save your selection.

Should you have any additional questions, please visit to access additional help articles and contact support.

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