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Visit our Blog to learn more about our resources!

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Logging in to your I-LEAD Account

Logging in to Your I LEAD Account

The first step for using I-LEAD is to ensure that you have an activated I-LEAD account. Learn more about this process here.

Use your email address to log in.

To Log in, use the same email address that you used for signing up. This can be your personal or work email.

We encourage providers to create I-LEAD accounts using your personal email address. This way, your account is independent from your workplace and can follow you to any future positions.

Video Guide for Logging In

My I-LEAD invitation expired. What do I do next?

If your activation email link has expired, visit to request a new invitation using the email address at which you received your original activation email.

Visit the I-LEAD home page at and click on the text that says, “Received an invite?” This will take you to a page where you can resend the invitation to your email. Educators can also ask your director to resend the I-LEAD invitation.

Need Additional Help?

Please contact SPARK Learning Lab at 1-800-299-1627 or email a helpful agent.

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