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Juvenile Fingerprints and Consent Forms for Minors

Juvenile Fingerprints and Consent Forms for Minors

A juvenile/minor individual assisting in a child care setting must complete a fingerprint and a consent form for background checks. This includes juveniles/minors who are volunteering for educational purposes or working as a temporary or part-time staff. Parents or guardians of a juvenile/minor choosing to assist or work in child care will need to schedule fingerprinting on behalf of the juvenile/minor.

Follow the steps outlined below to complete the fingerprinting & consent form process.

(Step 1) Obtaining fingerprints for a minor/juvenile:

  1. Schedule a fingerprinting appointment with IdentoGo (Click Here for Instructions). When asked for a Service Code, please provide the correct one for the type of child care program you have and select if they are an employee or volunteer. Those who don't provide the right code for their child care program type may be asked by licensing to redo their fingerprints later:
    1. Juveniles Only (Under age 18)= 24Y55F
  2. Print the confirmation page or record the registration ID. If you provided the correct email address, an email confirmation should be received, as well. If there is no confirmation page received, call IdentoGo and ask for the registration ID.
  3. Make certain the juvenile/minor brings one o the following to the juvenile/minor fingerprinting appointment:
    1. Student ID with Picture and DOB
    2. Work ID with Picture and DOB
    3. Valid Alien ID card with Picture and DOB
    4. If the juvenile/minor does not have the above identification, parent and child will need both need to present a valid Birth Certificate and a Social Security Card
  4. Arrive at the facility at the appointed date and time.
  5. The Enrollment Officer at the site will check the juvenile/minor ID, verify the juvenile/minor information, verify or collect payment, capture the juvenile/minor fingerprints, and submit the data. This normally takes less than five minutes.
  6. You will receive a signed receipt at the end of your fingerprinting session. Hold onto this receipt as both the juvenile and the child care provider will need the information to complete the employment process.
  7. All results will be processed and sent to the applicant/parent. L-1 is never in possession.

(Step 2) Parents/Guardian will need to create an I-LEAD account for minor, accept their invite, and do the consent form:

Once the fingerprints are completed by IdentoGo, the parent or guardian should fill out the juvenile/minor consent form on the juvenile/minor I-LEAD account. The child care provider needs to send an educator invite to the email the juvenile's I-LEAD account was created with in order to connect their account to the license and provide a consent form to the account.

Please note that the steps are almost identical to the process of completing a consent form for an adult. However, on the Documentation section, there is an Upload button available where a copy of the child's fingerprint receipt must be uploaded.

Upload Notes: To upload documents, please either scan into your computer or take photos on your smart phone, email to yourself, and save in documents or photos and upload it to the appropriate section. Make sure anything on the file can be easily ready. If the file size is too big for upload, you will receive an error message. Make sure images are saved in "jpeg" or "pdf" format, are less than 100KB in size, and scanned documents are less than 300 dpi.

The Submit section or last page of the consent form is also different than an adult's consent form. The parent or guardian will need to complete this section on the child's behalf to consent the release of the background information and approve their involvement with the child care program. The parent/guardian will need to sign on behalf of the juvenile/minor.

(Step 3) Submit Fingerprint to the Background Checks Department with OECOSL:

Once the above steps are completed, email the fingerprints to once the consent form is signed and submitted by the parent/legal guardian of the juvenile.

If the consent form is submitted successfully, a message will appear confirming the submission and you will be re-routed to the I-LEAD Dashboard. The "Begin Consent Form" will disappear and the counter will reset and say "Current consent form expires in 364 days on...[the next expiration date]".

Please complete the annually required consent form 90 days before it expires.

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