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Updating Profile on Access Indiana and I-LEAD

Access Indiana 1

Occasionally if a person has a name or email change, both Access Indiana and I-LEAD have ways to get this information updated on the account. Before it can be changed on I-LEAD though, please do the following:

Changing Name on Access Indiana:

  1. Login to
  2. On the Access Indiana Dashboard, click Change Profile
  3. Scroll down to the Personal Information section at the bottom
  4. Enter your legal name as listed on your ID and legal documentation
  5. Then press Update or Save for it to show on the Your Profile section afterwards

Changing Name on I-LEAD After:

  1. Once the above is completed on Access Indiana, go to
  2. On the I-LEAD Dashboard where it says Profile Information, click Update Profile
  3. Enter your legal name as listed on your ID and legal documentation (The name will only change if it matches the profile name on Access Indiana)

Note: The "I am an Educator" button is used to merge with existing training records and consent forms for previous providers. If you aren't able to merge with your current name, you may need to temporarily change your name in the "First Name" and "Last Name" section to get it to merge. Then update your profile afterward before doing a consent form. The emails used on I-LEAD and Access Indiana should be used exclusively by one person. This is to maintain that any permits, licenses, and consents don't get tangled up with someone else's information.

Changing Your Email:

If you wish to change your email on I-LEAD or Access Indiana to an email that's not already in the system, you have the option to use the Change Email Address section to update your contact email:

  1. Login to
  2. Click Change Email Address on your Access Indiana Dashboard
  3. Enter your Current Password and the New Email address
  4. Click Continue
  5. Keep this screen open and in another tab or window, go to the inbox of the new email you entered
  6. Search your inbox for a verification code sent from The email should say "No Reply" and say "Access Indiana Email Verification"
  7. Copy the 6 digit verification code and return back to the Access Indiana screen
  8. Enter the code and press the green Continue button
  9. You will receive notification that the email was successfully changed and it will show in Your Profile the new email
  10. You can find I-LEAD in the Services section on the navy blue bar at the top right of the page or go to directly afterwards. The email should update on the profile as well.

Note: Providers, if you don't have access to your license this may be due to logging into Access Indiana with the wrong email. Rather than change the existing email though to match your former I-LEAD email, please log out and use the "Don't have an Access Indiana Account?" button instead to make an account that matches the one on file for your license. You should have access to the grant portal, licensing applications, invitations, and manager view on Indiana Learning Paths after. If you wish to grant access to the license via an existing Access Indiana account, please send an admin invite to your new email.

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