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Incomplete Consent Status

Incomplete Consent Status

“Incomplete”- An "Incomplete" consent status  can generate due to several factors:

  • Inconsistent Data: The name on a consent form didn't match the individual's legal name
  • Missing/ Incorrect Fingerprints: The FBI fingerprint receipt via IdentoGo was never submitted.
  • Pending Disqualification: An individual could be marked as Incomplete while the result of a pending disqualification which needs resolved with
  • Previous Out-of-State Resident: Educators who lived in another state within the last 5 years may receive an email from the background checks department directing them to take additional steps to finalize the background checks needed to work in child care. Have them monitor for an email from to submit paperwork giving licensing permission to run the background checks from another state. There may be more than one form attached to the email to fill out if an educator lived in multiple states within the past 5 years. All requests need completed and sent back to the email for processing.

Typically those with an incomplete status will receive a letter within 7-10 business days to indicate the reason. Please contact the Background Checks Department with OECOSL via for instructions on what needs submitted if you didn't receive the letter within that time frame.

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