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Disqualified Consent Forms

Disqualified Consent Form

Occasionally an Educator will submit a consent form and later receive a "Disqualified" status. Disqualified means an issue occurred which makes the caregiver ineligible to work in childcare. This needs to be addressed before the educator can start or return to work.

Common reasons for disqualification:

  • Felony arrest over 10 years or any dangerous felony. A misdemeanor is not a disqualification
  • Child Welfare Substantiation regardless of the time limit
  • Not returning requested documentation including documents to contact other states.
  • Fingerprints being invalid
  • Juvenile Consent with no qualifying letter
  • Criminal History Findings from another state.

A letter will be sent to educator and provider informing them about a disqualification. The provider letter will give a 10-day deadline to submit how they plan to comply with the law regarding allowing a disqualified individual around children. The educator letter will give the reason for the disqualification and their challenge rights.

The consent will show a disqualified status by the 11th day after the letter unless there is a challenge, or the provider gives a date of termination prior to the 11th day. The challenge details are on the letter to the caregiver.

List of disqualifying crimes:


Who to Contact:

Providers, please contact your consultant or instead of removing a disqualified educator from the roster. The educator needs to stay on the Associated Educator roster as "Disqualified" to have access to another consent form to complete on their account.

Instructions for Disqualified Educator:

When the educator has made the corrections to their account profile or has the proper documentation to upload, the educator will need to log back into their account and click "Begin Consent Form" to complete their new consent form. This time though, the "Documentation" section on page 3 will prompt them to upload the supporting paperwork, ID, or fingerprint receipt from IdentoGo. Please review the uploaded files before submitting to verify all items can be easily read. Once the new consent form is signed and submitted, the supporting documents will be used to re-determine eligibility to work in a child care setting.

Upload Notes: To upload documents, please either scan or take a picture on your device and upload it to the appropriate section. Make sure anything on the file can be easily ready. If the file size is too big for upload, you will receive an error message. Make sure images are saved in "jpeg" or "pdf" format, are less than 100KB in size, and scanned documents are less than 300 dpi.

If the consent form is signed and submitted successfully, a message will appear confirming the submission and you will be re-routed to the I-LEAD Dashboard. The "Begin Consent Form" will disappear and the counter will reset and say "Current consent form expires in 364 days on...[the next expiration date]".

Please complete the annually required consent form 90 days before it expires.

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