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Submitted Consent Status

Submitted Consent Status

“Submitted”- This status immediately shows on the Associated Educator whenever a new consent form is signed and submitted from that person's Educator's I-LEAD account. The "Submitted Date" next to it indicates when the consent form was last submitted by the educator. The "Submitted" status stays until the state is finished processing the background checks.

Processing takes up to approximately 14 business days (excluding holidays and weekends) but can take longer if the educator:

  • Has moved to Indiana from another state
  • Had a recent name change
  • If someone with an identical name is in the system
  • If someone is new to working in a child care setting and submitted their first background checks

Educators will have a "Current Consent form expires in 364 days on ...[next expiration date]" on their I-LEAD account dashboards if the consent form is successfully submitted as well. If the expiration date is less than 90 days, the educator needs to login to their I-LEAD account. A "Begin Consent Form" button will be available for them to complete their annually required consent form.

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