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Updating An Application In I-LEAD

Updating An Application In I LEAD

Provider Admins have the ability to make certain changes to their applications in I-LEAD. These changes include altering the program name, becoming a CCDF voucher participant, changing the childcare hours, modifying the age groups cared for, etc. If you’re a provider admin for your child care and have been notified to do a change by your consultant or would like to update your application, please follow the steps below.

  1. Login to I-LEAD
  2. Scroll down to the Program License section on the I-LEAD dashboard.
  3. Select the child care program you wish to make changes to and click “View Details”.
  4. Review and verify that all associated educators have a current consent and or submitted consent form status
  5. Click Start Application
  6. At the bottom of the page, click Change Application Type
  7. Select Update, then click Change, and then click Save. The paragraph above the application on the first page should clearly state “UPDATE” if the correct option was made.
  8. Finally, edit the fields you need to edit and submit your update application for review and approval.
WARNING: Do not click “NEW”. This is only selected if the child care program is changing addresses or if there is a new owner for a home license who accepted their admin invite sent by the previous admin/owner. This will also start the steps for creating an entirely new license number for the facility and is irreversible on I-LEAD.

There are 4 sections on the update application: 

  1. Information- There are 3 tabs that need to be completed before you continue:
    • Application Details for changes to facility name and services at the program
    • Applicant Details for name changes and household changes
    • Provider Details for contact/hours/age group changes
  2. Documentation- Most will skip this section unless the daycare is becoming a CCDF eligible site
  3. Educators- Reflects the current roster for your license. Make sure "Applicant" is identified before starting the application by clicking "Update" next to the person. Once in the application, please also delete all Invited Educator invites that are already on the Associated Educator roster or no longer work for the child care program. The invitations leftover will be sent out to new staff or missing staff from the Associated Educator roster on the application.
  4. Submit- Should be signed and submitted by the Applicant. For a religious organization, this must be completed by the pastor or religious leader. Send them an admin invite to their email if they are not listed as a provider admin.

Submission Confirmation: If the application was successfully submitted for Update, the “Start Application” or “Edit Application” button will be changed to a “View Application” button on the admin page. It will also change the status on the PROVIDER APPLICATIONS section from “Draft” to “Submitted” and show the date your application type was sent.

Please notify your consultant of any changes made on I-LEAD regarding your application.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please reply to this message or contact the Brighter Futures Indiana Solution Center directly by calling 1-800-299-1627.

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