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N/A Consent Status

NA consent status

"N/A"-An educator listed with a  Not Applicable (N/A) consent status on the I-LEAD roster, means that the consent form has not been submitted on the educator's end of their I-LEAD account. Please have the educator login into their I-LEAD account and complete and submit their consent form immediately via Begin Consent Form. Employees will need a Qualified status on their consent form to be eligible to work at the facility.

  • Missing Educator Type/ Hire Date: Educators with a missing a Hire date (Format: MM/DD/YYYY) and/or educator type won't have access to a consent form. They also can't be terminated via the Remove button until these fields have been added. Please press the Update button next to the educator's name to add the missing information. Removing any educator missing a hire date or educator type imports their names back to the roster again after midnight each night.
  • Registered "Yes": Click the View Details button next to the educator to see what email they're connected to in the Registered User section. The username is the login email. If the educator is listed as “Yes” under the ‘Registered’ column, ask the educator to login to their I-LEAD account and complete their consent form. It needs signed and submitted for it to send.
  • Registered "No": If the educator is listed as ‘No’ under the registered column, the educator needs login to their I-LEAD account to merge with their consent form. Occasionally educators may have to accept an invite instead. If so, please delete any invitations sitting in the Invited Educator section above Associated Educators and re-invite them. Once the educator
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