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Merge My Educator Account

Merge My Educator Account

I-LEAD allows users to merge multiple existing educator accounts together through the use of the I am an Educator button. Educator accounts are used by people who work in a child care setting. Staff, admins, volunteers, and household members will need their own individual educator account for consent/background check and professional development purposes.

Examples of when to use this feature:

  • You have two or more accounts that need to be merged together
  • You’ve moved from a company that you no longer have access to the email login
  • A paper consent form was sent to a consultant prior to the creation of your I-LEAD account
  • You have multiple consent forms that need to be merged into your current I-LEAD account

The I am An Educator button is located on the I-LEAD Dashboard landing page. It is only visible to users that do not have an active consent form connected to their current I-LEAD account.

To merge your accounts together, please follow the instructions below:

Warning: Account merges CANNOT be reversed

  1. Begin by clicking the I am an Educator button (Fig 1)
  2. Enter your date of birth and last four digits of your Social Security Number; Click Submit (Fig 2)
  3. Verify that your information is correct and click My Information is Correct (Fig 3)
  4. Once the system locates your information, a “You have been verified as an Educator.” message will appear. Press Update Profile to finalize the process.
location of I am an educator button screenshot
Fig 1
personal information form screenshot
(Fig 2)
verify information is correct screenshot
(Fig 3)
Update profile screenshot
(Fig 4)

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the Brighter Futures Solution Center directly at 1-800-299-1627 for assistance.

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