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Updating Your Staff Roster

Updating your Staff Roster

Provider administrators control the staff listings at each program site that they administer. Below, you will find information for provider admins who want to maintain their staff roster in I-LEAD.

How to keep your staff roster up-to-date and accurate

Once a provider admin of a facility is logged into I-LEAD, associated educators will be visible within each facility. There are several ways to manage your team from there:

  • Selecting “Add Educator” will allow you to add a new educator the facility
  • Selecting “Update” will allow you to update an existing employee’s “Educator Type” and/or “Hire Date”
  • Selecting “Invite” will allow you to send (or resend) an invitation to an educator
  • Selecting “View Details” will allow you to view more about the invitation process
    • A section entitled “Invite Status” appears if the status of the invitation is either declined or pending.
    • Pending status means the educator was sent an invitation, but they have not taken action to accept or decline the invitation yet. This area will also show you when the invitation was sent, how many times, and what email address it was sent to.
  • Selecting “Remove” will allow you to enter a termination date for an existing employee, which removes the individual from the facility educator listing

It is recommended that you use the personal email address of each associated educator since I-LEAD accounts are associated with individuals, rather than a particular position or employment situation.

Need Additional Help?

Please contact SPARK Learning Lab at 1-800-299-1627 or email a helpful agent.

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