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Missing Consent Form Button

Missing Consent Form Button

When you are unable to submit a consent form on I-LEAD, it is usually because you are not associated with any child care facility. To verify your associated providers, view the Providers section of your I-LEAD Dashboard (fig.1).

View consent form screenshot

  • The child care facility should be listed under the Search and Reset buttons. If the facility you work for is missing, please use the following instructions.
    • New Staff: Please contact your provider administrator (usually the director) and request they add you as an educator. This action can only be performed by your provider and not by SPARK Learning Lab. Once you receive and accept your emailed invitation, your childcare program will be added to your provider section. This will now allow you to access and complete your consent form. (Invitations expires in (3) calendar days due to security reasons. Please ask your provider for a new educator invite to be sent to your email if it expired.)
    • Existing I-LEAD Users: If you completed a consent form in the past for your existing provider, you may already be in the system. Please click on the Merge My Educator Account article for step-by-step instructions on how to merge all of your records into your account.

Provider Admins: If your staff member doesn't have a "Begin Consent Form" button on their I-l-LEAD account, please check your I-LEAD account to see if they're connected to the license. To do this, click View Details next to the license they're supposed to be connected to. Then scroll down to the Associated Educator roster at the bottom of the page.

Educators who have submitted paper consent forms to the consultant or already accepted an email invite will be listed on the Associated Educator roster at the bottom of the page.

  • If the person is not in the Invite Educators or Associated Educator roster, they are not connected and didn't receive an educator invitation. Please ask them for the email they use for their I-LEAD account and invite them (Related article: Inviting Staff).
  • If the person is listed in Invited Educators only, make sure the information is correct and it says "Pending". If it says "Expired", they will not be able to accept the invite and you will need to resend a new invitation for them to login from.
  • If the invitation in the Invited Educators section is incorrect, delete the invite and send a new one with the corrected information (Related article: Inviting Staff).
  • If they're on the Associated Educator roster but there's a "No" under Registered, please direct them to merge the I-LEAD account they're using the "I am an Educator" button on their account. Provider admins, please also check Managing Educator Consent Forms to see if they were able to merge and submit their consent forms successfully.

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