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Provider Draft Expiration

Provider Draft Expiration

If you receive an email from I-LEAD that the draft application has expired, this is because you started a license via "Open a New Program" on your I-LEAD dashboard but never officially submitted it. Applications that have a status of Draft last for 180 days before they're closed out.


If you need to access your draft application to complete it before the expiration date, please login to your I-LEAD account, scroll down to the Providers section and click "View Details" to find your licensing application.


Click "Edit Application" to go back in and complete all 4 sections of the application.


Only when your application says Submitted as the status in the Providers section on the I-LEAD Dashboard and the Provider Applications section will it be forwarded to the licensing consultant for processing. The licensing consultant will contact you within 14 business days via email or send a consultant note in the "Provider Information" section of the above image.

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