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The Brighter Futures Indiana Data Center offers data related to population, economy, supply and demand.

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The Brighter Futures Indiana Data Center offers data related to population, economy, supply and demand.

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Tips for New Provider Admin Access

Tips for New Provider Admin Access

The Provider Admin role is used to manage the day-to-day operations of a regulated program within I-LEAD. These responsibilities include inviting educators to join your site, monitoring consent forms, online initial, update, and renewal applications, and reviewing required annual training hours for staff. Typically, the Provider Admin within your organization will be an owner, director, or religious leader. Prior to departure from the organization, the exiting admin is required to add a new Provider Admin to the site. Once added, the new Provider Admin can then terminate the previous admin, ensuring access is maintained for all users of your site. This article will highlight and provide instruction for each task to ensure you are ready to take on the responsibilities of Provider Admin for your organization.

The most efficient way to become a Provider Admin is to have an existing admin invite you to become an admin. Once you accept the emailed invitation, you will be able to manage the site’s account.  If your Provider Admin has already left the organization and you are unable to identify who may have access to the account, you will need to Submit a Ticket with the SPARK Learning Lab to have your account configured to support the Provider Admin Role. Please be sure to include the name and license number of your facility.  Once your account has been upgraded, you will receive a separate email introducing you to your new role.  Below you will find some frequently asked questions regarding this process. 

It is best practice to have at least two (2) Provider Admins per account.


Q: Who is supposed to add new Provider Admins to my site?

A: The existing and/or exiting Provider Admin is able to add new Provider Admins to their site.

Q: When should a Provider Admin get access to the account?

A: To maintain access to a site, there should always be a Provider Admin listed. If your admin is leaving the organization, they should invite a new admin prior to their exit.

Q: Who is my provider admin?

A: The Provider Admin for your site could be the owner, director, or religious leader.

Q: I was given the Provider Admin role, but I am unable to see transcripts in Indiana Learning Paths.

A: To see your staff transcripts within Indiana Learning Paths, your role within I-LEAD must also be set to Applicant

Q: Our director/religious leader has left and I now need access to our I-LEAD account.

A: Please SPARK Learning Lab for assistance with this request at 1-800-299-1627.

Q: I am now a Provider Admin. Where do I find my consent form?

A: Consent forms are completed in educator accounts. Please ensure that you are listed under the Associated Educators sections within your site’s View Details page. If your name is not listed, please Invite yourself as an educator. Once you accept your educator invitation, you will be able to access and submit your consent form on the dashboard page.

Should you have any additional questions, please visit to access additional help articles and contact support.