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Renewal Applications on ILEAD

Renewal Applications on I LEAD

Only Provider Admin ILEAD accounts have access to a renewal application.

After logging into the provider admin account, please click on “View Details” corresponding to the location for which the application needs to be renewed. Make sure the location name and license/registration number are correct.

All Staff must be on your Associated Educator roster and have completed their annual consent form before you start the renewal application. To see if your roster meets these guidelines, please see Managing Educator Consent Forms

The renewal application is located on the right side of the page above the “Provider Admins” section. Click the blue “Start Application” or “Edit Application” button to work on it.

There are 4 sections on the renewal application:


  • Application Details
  • Applicant Details
  • Provider Details


  • Attestation
  • Business Permit
  • Tax Exemptions (If applicable)
  • Letters of Incorporation (if applicable)
  • Well Test (If applicable)
  • W-9 (if applicable)


  • Invited Educators
  • Associated Educators
  • Terminated Educators


  • Signature
  • Title
  • Date
  • Payment for renewal (ministries only!)

*Please note that the application won’t let you progress if there’s something missing or incomplete. Also make sure to “Save” frequently and that your application type is “Renew” by clicking “Change Application Type”.

Renewal Application Sections

1. Information 

This section will directly reflect information regarding the child care center and the owners of the facility.

  • Application Details- Details about child care location, type of child care, and whether the facility will do CCDF or On My Way Pre-K. Please note some sections of this field will have different requirements and may require a follow-up from your consultant to make sure they’re met.
  • Applicant Details- Details about the owner, any household members (if a licensed family home), board of directors, and/or religious leaders (if a child care ministry)
  • Provider Details- Details about the ages of children accepted, plus times and days the business is open.

2. Documentation

Most of the documents in this section are things that can be found via this link

  • Attestation- This will be filled out by the owner for homes/ director for centers/ or religious leader for child care ministries. Please make sure anyone who fills out the attestation form has an admin invite and is listed as a Provider Admin on I-LEAD so they can sign off on the last page of the application.
  • Business Permit- Some counties may require a business permit; others don’t. Fill out the business permit or business exemption form according to your county and upload it. Please verify with your consultant which type is appropriate for your location. If you are exempt, please still upload the business exemption form found in the link above. New business permits can be acquired from the city county building for your area.
  • Tax Exemption- For ministries, you will need to upload your recent tax exemption ID. Tax exemptions should be less than 3 years old and a new one can be acquired from the IRS.
  • Letters of Incorporation- For centers and ministries, you may be required to upload recent paperwork granted by the Indiana Secretary of State. Please save the first and last page (certification and signature pages) into a single document and upload it.
  • Well Test- For homes with private water instead of public, you will need to get your well tested and upload the results from the county health department in this section.
  • W-9- For new programs interested in taking child care vouchers, a W-9 form needs completed from the IRS. Their form can be found on this PDF link

Notes: To upload documents, please either scan or take a picture on your device and upload it to the appropriate section. Make sure anything on the file can be easily ready. If a file size is too big for upload, you will receive an error message. Make sure images are saved in “jpeg” or “pdf” format, are less than 100KB in size, and scanned documents are less than 300 dpi.

3. Educators

This section is a direct reflection of your Associated Educators staff roster on the Provider Details page prior to the application. If any information needs corrected, if someone is missing from the roster, or if a staff member is due for their annual consent and hasn’t done so yet, please leave the application and address any of the changes needed before the application is submitted.

  • Invited Educators-(Note: Please only start removing educators from this section if the next section has been edited properly and is 100% accurate).This section shows a list of all educators who received an invite for your child care facility. Anyone who already associated with your facility or who is no longer with your agency needs removed from this list before you submit your application.
  • Associated Educators- This section shows all of the educators who are either associated with your child care facility or who have sent in past consent forms for your facility. Please make sure your staff who are due for consent form renewal within 90 days of their expiration on your original roster do so prior to application submission. To check to see if they’re associated and their consent form was completed, please see the following article for guidance: Associated Educators Consent Forms: Status & Status Submitted

The application won’t progress unless everyone has an “Educator Type” and “Hire Date”. An educator will also be unable to submit a consent form until this has been added next to their name on the original roster. This can be fixed with the “Update” button. Please make sure to add any staff, volunteers, household members (home providers), and/or religious leaders (ministries) that are missing by sending them an invite. Please contact them to make sure they accept it and create an ILEAD account. They will appear on your “Associated Educator” list as “Yes” for Registered if the invite was accepted correctly. These same individuals will need to do consent forms.

You will also need to identify & add the applicant. For child care centers and licensed family childcare homes, this will be the person filling out the application (director or owner). For ministries, this will usually be the pastor, priest, or other religious personnel.

If that person is already listed on the educator page, please make sure to click on the “update” button next to their information & select the educator type as “applicant.”

If that person isn’t on the educator page, please make sure to invite them to ILEAD as a provider admin via “Invite Admin” and as applicant via “Invite Educator”.

Once these changes are made on your main roster, refresh the application. To do this, go back into the application, click “Change Application Type” at the bottom, re-select “Renew”, and click “Save”. This will show the most recent roster changes.

  • Terminated Educators- This section shows the list of any terminated educators for your child care site. If you removed an educator in error and need to add them back, please click “Add Educator” to add them back to the Associated Educator roster.

4. Submit

This will normally be filled out by the person completing the renewal application.

A person cannot sign the REGISTERED MINISTRY application with the title of Director, Applicant, or Owner. OECOSL will ONLY accept any pastor or officer of the church or religious organization as the signature and title. The attestation statement also needs to be completed by the person who signs the application.

The only time the director can sign a registered ministry application is if it is for updating hours of operation, days of the week, or date building was built in a “change application” ONLY!

If the religious leader doesn’t have access to this via their ILEAD account, please remember to invite them as a “Provider Admin” so that they have access to the application to sign the last page.

If the application is submitted successfully, it will be listed in “Provider Applications” as “Submitted”. The status will change depending on what stage your application is at.

If there’s any errors, there may be consultant notes added later in the Provider Information box next to the Provider Admins section of your Provider Details page.

Once the renewal is processed and completed, the expiration and submitted date will update on your main ILEAD dashboard next to the name of the renewed child care location.

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