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Renewal Applications on I-LEAD

Renewal Applications on I LEAD

Licensing Renewals
Provider admins who accepted their emailed invitation(s) will have access to their license(s) for renewals.

Checking License Expiration
To view the expiration for the license(s):

  1. Login to the I-LEAD account used when the admin invitation was accepted through the email. Admin invites are either sent to your email after a new program application is submitted on I-LEAD or by another admin who has access to the license via the "+Invite Admin button". Please login via the invitation to verify the connection to the license and expires in (3) calendar days due to security/ privacy purposes.
  2. Scroll down to the Providers section
  3. Click Providers I Administer or check under the Search and Reset buttons of this section
  4. Check the Expiration Date of each license listed
  5. If the expiration dates is within 135 days, the provider admin of the I-LEAD account will receive an email reminder to do their renewal and the license should be renewed

Accessing the Renewal Application

  1. Click View Details of the license you wish to renew. This will take you to the Provider Details Page for the license
  2. Review and verify that all associated educators have a current consent or has a recent consent form submitted date. If not, please ask staff to access the I-LEAD accounts they created and do their annually required consent form. For those missing from the Associated Educator roster, please invite them so they can do their consent.
  3. The owner of the home, the director of a center, and the pastor/religious leader of a ministry should be on the Provider Admin section. If they aren't, please ask them to create an account and send them an admin invite. They should also have a consent form on file in the Associated Educator roster with a recent Submitted Date (if applicable). If not, send them an educator invite with an educator type of "Applicant" that they will need to accept. They will need to submit a consent form once they've accepted the invite and have a "Begin Consent Form" button.
  4. Click Start Application once all the staff and provider admins have completed their annually required consent forms. The paragraph above the application on the first page should clearly state “RENEW”. If it doesn’t, click Change Application Type. Select Renew, then click Change, and then click Save.
  5. Finally, edit the fields in the application and submit your renewal using the instructions below.

WARNING: Do not select NEW on the "Change Application Type" button.

This is only selected if:

  • The child care program is changing addresses
  • There is a new owner for a home license who accepted their admin invite sent by the previous admin
  • The program intends on accepting CCDF when it didn't previously. A provider will not have to get a new licensing number just because they are now wanting to start accepting CCDF

This will also start the steps for creating an entirely new license number for the facility and is irreversible on I-LEAD.


Completing the Renewal Application
There are 4 sections on the renewal application: 

  1. Information- There are 3 tabs that need to be completed before you continue. The tab you're looking at will be highlighted in green and the others tabs will be in gray until you click on them:
    • Application Details that shows facility name and services at the program
    • Applicant Details that features the provider admin names or household members
    • Provider Details for contact information/hours/age group changes
  2. Documentation- Please upload your documentation or click the box to mail them instead. For a list of common documentation required and upload tips, please see "Documentation for Applications" for more information.
  3. Educators- This section reflects the consent forms and current roster for your license. Make sure all "Applicants" are identified before you start the application. Any changes done in the Educator section will affect your license once its submitted. Any educator left in the Invited Educator section will receive an invite to connect them to the license. If the educator is already on the Associated Educator roster though, or no longer work at the program, please delete their educator invites in the Invited Educators section. Those who are removed from the Associated Educator roster will be added to the Terminated Educator list. This will remove them from the application and your license once the renewal is submitted. All invitations left in the Invited Educator will be emailed to new or missing staff when the application is signed and submitted. Please make sure to identify the correct educator type for each educator on the invite.
  4. Submit- The renewal application should be signed and submitted by the primary Applicant. The primary applicant for a home is the owner, for a center is the director, or for a ministry is the pastor or religious leader. This individual will sign both the attestation statement and final page of the renewal application on I-LEAD. If the primary applicant isn't on the provider admin section of your license, please send them an admin invitation so they can accept and sign the application. Please note they will also need an educator invite too so they can complete an annually required consent form. Please verify their email and send the invite on the previous "Educator" page if this applies for your situation.

Note: The application won't send if the signing "Applicant" isn't listed on the Educator section or if the Associated Roster in the application doesn't match the Associated Educator roster on the license. After the original roster is cleaned up and all consent forms are submitted, please refresh the application if an error occurs during submission. Review the application to verify changes stayed on the application before submission.

Submission Confirmation
If the application was successfully submitted for renewal, the “Start Application” or “Edit Application” button will be replaced with a “View Application” button on the admin page. The status on the PROVIDER APPLICATIONS section will also change from “Draft” to “Submitted” and show the date your application type was sent.

Please notify your consultant when the renewal application is submitted on I-LEAD.


Administrative Support
Please monitor your email and the "Provider Details" page to see if you receive any messages from your consultant. If an application requires a change, a Administrative Support will be added to the Provider Information box next to Provider Admins. The application may also be in "Edit" mode in the Provider Application section. Consultants will normally schedule an in-person inspection for of the premises once all consent forms and licensing paperwork are completed online. Renewed licenses are approved once all requirements are met and the new expiration date show on the I-LEAD Dashboard.


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